Flavio Briatore


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Another interesting bit of Flav trivia, when in charge at Renault he had his shirts tailor made whilst the rest of the team just had whatever Renault cared to throw at them.


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Lucky Birmingham.

Any way, if the qualification to be the host of the Italian apprentice is fully understanding what the words "You're fired!" mean then Flavio is your man.


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I'm not sure if its true or whether Ross BRawn was joking that he let a different member of the BRawn team go up to get the winning constructor's trophy and half joked that Flavio use to hoard the podium back in the Benetton days

Flav at Ferrari ---- I think there would be a few people who will make sure he never sets foot in Maranello and runs the team

You would have to be very stupid to accept him as team boss after what he did with Renault in 2009


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Yes but we all know that he'll be back in some form or other because thats what Flav does. He'll either find himself a new star wrestler.....I mean driver and be there on the sidelines waving at the camera all the time or he'll take over some small team like Caterham and spend his time doing interviews about how much more money the big teams have.

Or president of the FIA!


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Well wonder no more, he's the Lord Sugar equivalent in the Italian version of The Apprentice.

So, for-a today's task-a, you need-a to convince a young driver to crash-a the car, while making him a-think it was a-his idea, in case you getta-sued. From team where-a you fail-a, one of you will be fired...
Candidate 1: We need a team name!
Candidate 2: How about "Team Fernando"?
Candidate 1: It has to work!
FB: So I understand-a the team names are a Team Fernando and a Team Michael
FB: You should-a said to dance-a in the thong-a.


Flavio is absolutely correct, just as there is no proof that the sun sets in the west and there is no proof that the moon is real, it is all just an illusion....

However there is some proof that he looks ridiculous in a thong but I do not wish to provide this proof as it tends to make me feel a bit icky as does his undeniable involvement in ordering the Singapore crash gate scandal.....


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From the doyen of potentially true information that is GPGuide:

Briatore sentenced to jail for tax fraud
Feb.12 (GMM) An Italian court has imposed an 18 month prison sentence on former Renault boss Flavio Briatore.

Two years ago, the flamboyant Italian was convicted over a case surrounding tax evasion relating to his luxury yacht Force Blue.

Now, La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that with the prosecution pushing for a 4 year jail sentence, an appeals court in Genoa has instead imposed a one year and 6 month punishment for tax crimes.

Briatore and four others had been found guilty of using the yacht only recreationally, therefore dodging EUR 3.6 million in value-added tax by issuing fake invoices.

Force Blue was also confiscated.

Briatore's lawyer said: "We take note of the judge's decision and will appeal to the supreme court. We are convinced of Mr Briatore's innocence."


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So he's getting 18 months for claiming back the VAT on a boat he claimed was being used for commercial purposes but was actually only being used for his own personal use? :thinking:

I can't help but think of some parallels with another famous figure in F1 and a private jet.

Anyway, I hope is appeal is unsuccesful and the fat ejjit spends 18 months scared shitless of going to the showers.


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If he does go to jail it will be one of those open jails where they can just stroll off to the beach in a thong anytime he likes.

The Flav thing is a mystery to me. He seems universally despised and is known as a liar and a cheat, yet the two drivers whose careers he manages completely, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, seem exceptionally popular.

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Briatore has been convicted to prison time before, and yet has never spent a single day in jail. The Italian legal system is, frankly, A joke. If you’re rich enough, you won’t ever be punished!
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