FFSA cancels 2009 French Grand Prix

Have to agree with Amd, hopefully this will now see the return of Canada to the callender.

More likely however is the series will just run with one less race
It wouldn't hurt to have a slightly less hectic schedule next season, with one less race, but whoever thought dropping Montreal was a good idea needs clipping. :nah:
Although Magny Cours was a rubbish circuit it is a crying shame that France is gone and it doesn't bode well for Britain or Germany either. It is a real sign of the times that the French Grand Prix could not be run.

It is easy to blame Bernie for this but lets not forget his hands are tied. CVC are in a huge amount of debt from the purchase of FOM so Bernie needs the money that the likes of Singapore and Malaysia give him.

Could this open the path for Fuji to return as the Pacific GP? Losail in Qatar are having a revamp with F1 in mind aren't they? Could we see three middle eastern races next year?
Ah, but don't forget - he may be a little man, but he has HUGE pockets. That's how Silverstone got priced out, well, that and the moving goal posts
Brilliant! No more the ridiculous spectacle of two red cars pulling away into the distance whilst a track with about 35 high-speed "chicanes" and dubious bends that offer little but to stop overtaking at the Adelaide hairpin!

And we've already got Monaco, which is all but in France; do we really need 2 (two) boring French GPs?
Hahahahah it would never hapen in a million years but I'd call for a return to Kyalami, if they sorted a few corners out :D

*edited* apologies for the previous vid I put in here if you saw it

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