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  • Testing is not conclusive for the public, I don't know what you're trying to point out other than that Mercedes was sandbagging and later on brought a new package after which they were stronger than Ferrari even in testing.
  • Most time is gained/lost in the corners nowadays, it's not the 80's were it was only the power decisive. The renault engines were underpowered in comparison to those of Mercedes and Ferrari, yet Vettel won 4 champions with their engine.
  • Vettel didn't throw away a win, he was penalised for an error but anyone who has raced in any single seater series or in karts will know that it's extremely difficult to control a car on the grass and even when it's back on the racing surface you don't have instant control of it.


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It always easy to judge from the outside and in hindsight but strategy errors, driver errors etc. are more common when one is under pressure because every little bit of performance must be squeezed out of the inferior package.
We’ve seen Mercedes turn up the wick when needed more often than not. In Ferrari’s case it’s been clear mostly from FP1 onwards whether they’ve had the pace on a specific weekend.
they are competing against a freakishly consistent team with 1 of all time greats. who rarely make a mistake. but in sochi Japan & Mexico if Mercedes locked out the front row or going 1-2 in 1st corner. they win all 3 no question


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I suspect Ferrari, whichever team the recent rulings were directed at, were cheating and bypassing the limitations and fuel sensors, by injecting small amounts of the "coolant" into the fuel supply system to increase power.


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I suspect Ferrari, whichever team the recent rulings were directed at, were cheating and bypassing the limitations and fuel sensors, by injecting small amounts of the coolant into the fuel supply system to increase power.
but surely not it was max verstappen going mad & whining for sake of it


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F1Brits_90, would that be the Max who drives for the team which has never come up with dodgy designs?
but as I posted above every team as far back as Benetton in 1994 (I could go further but my knowledge isnt great before that) every team has broke the rules in someway & had some big controversy. basically if youve won a championship you broke the rules in someway, nobodies contesting the williams


Ferrari are fastest in a straight line by a mighty margin.
I can’t believe how many went off on here after just one race after which Binotto even stated that they had turned the engines down. Plus Leclerc only lost 12 secs in his second stint indicating that he had issues only with getting temperature into the first set of tyres.

It really shows the BS on this forum on all things Ferrari. I’m not surprised that Izumi has quit and Publius doesn’t seem to be active anymore either.
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Bernoulli, that last paragraph was uncalled for.

There is support for all teams on this forum to a greater or lesser extent. However, (and I haven't checked everyone's profiles) it is likely that the majority on here are from the UK and will probably be more supportive of the garagistas.

What is clear, and has been for all the years I have been here, is that there is respect for differences of opinion. Your last comment didn't meet the tolerance I have come to expect here.


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It really shows the BS on this forum on all things Ferrari. I’m not surprised that Izumi has quit and Publius doesn’t seem to be active anymore either
your right its vendetta on this forum & izumi quit in the same arrivabene quit. get a grip. its sport people are going to differing opinions to you :rolleyes:

Mercedes Red Bull Christian Horner & Max Verstappen have all brought it to FIA in different ways & FIA thought the evidence was enough to issue 2 technical directives. then to add to it the uncharacteristic straight line speed deficit it is raise questions like we would anyone

if you hate this, you have a heart attack as a bottas vettel grosjean or williams fan. last few years


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interesting stats the only ferrari drivers to take more poles in a season than leclerc has. is Michael Schumacher & Niki Lauda. not bad for a rookie year


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Mod Chat.

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There are many passionate posters who feel strongly about certain teams or drivers and forums exist to enable debate which should not be stifled by vitriol or invective.

I am for example pleased to see in the wake of today's race, when there is opportunity for those who are less than enthusiastic about Ferrari, people have avoided posting potentially inflammatory posts claiming the situation to be hilarious, they laughed so hard they were crying, or to proclaim Vettel not worthy of 4 titles or any other number of alleged humorous or insulting posts.

Please continue to indulge in robust debate but avoid personal insults.

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I’m sorry. cider_and_toast I have to say it. I laughed.
However it wasn’t because I don’t like Ferrari, I do, or because I have an issue with either of the drivers, I would have laughed if the Two Mercedes had taken each other off, or the two Red Bulls or any other team on the grid. I have a warped sense of humour I guess.
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In the early noughties Ferraris were built to withstand a destruction derby. I can only assume given the level of damaged caused by rather a timid tap on le Clerc's car that Ferrari that they have downgraded the suspension from the Schumacher days.


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It was a very light touch compared to some more robust 'coming togethers' that we've seen that have caused way less damage. I can only assume either the Ferrari is much more fragile than some other cars, or they just happened to touch in a very bad place for both cars.
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