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To my eyes it looked like the wheel rims from each tyre ground away the tyre wall. The rear of one rim touched the front of one tyre and the front of the other rim touched the rear of the opposite tyre. The perfect overlap which they couldn't repeat again in 100 more attempts.


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Mod Chat.

I want to remind everyone that if they have a problem with the content of a post they may use the report post button.

Attacks on individual posters will not be tolerated and regardless of your opinion for or against the subject, everyone should be respectful in their discussions.

There are many passionate posters who feel strongly about certain teams or drivers and forums exist to enable debate which should not be stifled by vitriol or invective.

I am for example pleased to see in the wake of today's race, when there is opportunity for those who are less than enthusiastic about Ferrari, people have avoided posting potentially inflammatory posts claiming the situation to be hilarious, they laughed so hard they were crying, or to proclaim Vettel not worthy of 4 titles or any other number of alleged humorous or insulting posts.

Please continue to indulge in robust debate but avoid personal insults.

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i hope i come across as fair because i always believe that like hamilton on albon. i treated all drivers & teams the same. of course some people are going to not like criticism but if you cant take critism sports isnt for you


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I think its clear next season the Ferrari pairing next season could implode and allow a rival team with a backed no 1 driver to take the title like Prost did in 1986 and Raikkonen to a lesser extent in 2007.

Expect more fireworks next season... I was not expecting Binotto to fire either driver but a stern reminder who is in charge and about their behaviour on track is suffice for now


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It really shows the BS on this forum on all things Ferrari. I’m not surprised that Izumi has quit and Publius doesn’t seem to be active anymore either.

You should see forums like where every debate generates into a Rossi vs Marquez debate or the old 606 forum on the BBC where there is more rubbish written and every debate turned into a mudslinging schoolboy fight


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interesting article with binotto talking to italian motorsport about the engine & in bold is very fascinating. shots are certainly fired in mercedes direction

The Ferrari team principal responded to the controversy over the legality of the Cavallino power unit, then added: "We were the most controlled team, but there were never any doubts about legality".

In 2019 Ferrari did not have to contend only with opponents on the track. The games played took place on several tables, starting with the negotiations that led to the agreement in the new 'concorde agreement' 2021-2025, to the controversy that emerged after the Canadian Grand Prix for the 'Vettel-Hamilton' case, up to the defended against the more or less veiled accusations that have grown in proportion with the performance of the Cavallino power unit.

Mattia Binotto does not fit, and stressed that "today we have the best engine in Formula 1", openly challenging the "breeders" who tried to undermine the integrity of Ferrari without presenting any complaints in the appropriate forums .

"This year we were the most controlled team on the power unit - explained Binotto - it was so both before and after the various FIA technical directives. When an engine has a certain advantage in terms of performance, it inevitably happens that the opponents tend to point the finger, and in many respects it was normal that the controls we received intensified. What counts in the end is that in all the checks we have proven to be perfectly legal ”.

On the weekend of the United States GP, the FIA issued a new technical directive on the power unit to the teams regarding the use of the flow meter, and immediately there was talk of a message to Ferrari. A hypothesis that Binotto does not marry: "We have a very complex regulation, and therefore not easy to manage. Each team has always tried to interpret the rules in order to be able to extract the maximum performance from its engine, and the need for clarification is demonstrated by the over 40 technical clarification directives sent by the FIA during the season, both on the engine front than that frame. This confirms how complex the issues we face are, and how necessary it is to have to clarify aspects even though these engines have been used since 2014. ”

"For our part - continued Binotto - the technical directives are always welcome because they serve to clarify, as well as the verifications. We have been checked many times, and there have never been any doubts about our legality. In the past, without wishing to accuse anyone, much has been said about the consumption of oil in the combustion chamber. There are those who won championships by pumping oil into the room, then everything was clarified with technical guidelines that later became part of the regulation. This shows how broad the complexity is, and how the theme of legality cannot always be reduced to a black or white comparison ".

That of the Cavallino is today the reference power unit
“I believe that Ferrari has never pointed the finger at the opponents, but in times of difficulty we only realized that we had a lot of work to do to fill a performance disadvantage of our engine. In 2014 we were missing more than 80 horses compared to the best power units, a difference that today in F1 there is no more absolute. We have reacted by putting commitment, resources, (even economic) efforts to fill the gap and today to have the best engine in F1 today. This must be just a source of pride for us ”.

Binotto finally commented on the case of Abu Dhabi, that is the question of petrol being opened by the discrepancy between the value in kilograms of fuel that the team claimed to have loaded on the cars before the start, and the value verified by the technical commissioners. "Regarding what happened to Yas Marina - explained the Cavallino team principal - there have been some controls that the FIA prepares before and after the race. The technical regulation emphasizes that you can not use more than 110 kg of fuel to race a Grand Prix, and that is why the FIA performs the checks. We have respected this value, and the confirmation has come both from the measurements of the weight of the single-seater and from the consumption values obtained through the flow meter. All the measurements made confirmed that we were perfectly legal, otherwise we would have been disqualified. "

"There was only a weight value that did not return, a discrepancy between what was found by the FIA balance and how much we had declared ourselves as a team - concluded Binotto - a figure for the weight that we could not see if not at the end of tender, when it was no longer verifiable. The FIA has decided to fine us because there was an inconsistency on the two values, but this does not mean not being legal, because legality is measured with other parameters that have instead confirmed our total coherence. With the many controls we had this year, if there had been an illegality, it would have come out the first day ... ".


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Bit like Boris and lying to the Queen, until someone retrospectively reinterprets the rules you retrospectively didn't cheat, but you mustn't do it again as that is cheating:whistle:


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Well it does not appear to have been just using a loophole and it appears to have been more than just bending the rules. It does appear that they bypassed the fuel monitoring. This is not “bending” a rule, it is bypassing a rule. They may have also used improper fuel. I not have figured out what the reported low fuel levels was really about. In the end, this does not appear to be a normal liberal interpretation or bending of the rules. It does appear to have been a bald-ass cheat.
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