1. Rutherford

    Things ... Musical chairs (2017-2018 Silly Season)

    Mercedes - Bottas has signed a one year deal with Mercedes. It seems as though they are waiting for other top drivers to become available. Furthermore, there have been rumors about Hamilton retiring, if he wins the championship. Red Bull - Verstappen is under contract until 2020, whilst...
  2. F1Brits_90

    Poll Who do we think could be 2017 drivers world champion

    With next year possibly another new era in 2017 with cars radically different, wondering who do you think will win 2017 title. Continued dominance of mercedes with either Lewis or Nico With more aero will it be Red bull resurgence, with young pair of Riccardio & Verstappen After underwhelming...
  3. Olivier

    Who might replace Raikkonen and where might he go?

    This year's silly season has started early for one of the most beloved current F1 drivers. I'm talking about Kimi Raikkonen. After 2 impressive seasons with Lotus, Ferrari decided he was the right man to replace Felipe Massa who they wanted to replace after performing poorly for a couple of...
  4. RasputinLives

    Jules Bianchi

    Jules Bianchi was born in Nice, France in August 1989 and now at the age of 23, after a few false starts, he’s landed himself a race seat in F1 for the 2013 season. Bianchi comes from quite a successful racing dynasty as the grandson of three times GT world champion Mauro Bianchi and...
  5. FB

    Current Ferrari

    Ferrari FIA Entry: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Drivers Car 5: Fernando Alonso Car 6: Felipe Massa Engine: Ferrari V8 Chairman: Luca di Montezemolo Team Principal: Stefano Domenicali Technical Director: Aldo Costa Race Engineer Car 5: Andrea Stella Race Engineer Car 6: Rob Smedley Stats as of end...
  6. Speshal

    Current Sebastian Vettel

    Lots of threads have alluded to having a discussion about the current world champion so lets get it all off our collective chests (oooeer!) Lots has been has been written about this young man from his testing debut with BMW Sauber in 2006 aged just 19 - he then progressed to the the toro rosso...
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