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How about if LeClerc outclasses Vettel in the next round - the race where he was going to extend the championship over Hamilton who had qualified in 14th position last year

The race was Vettel's but indecision from the pitwall and panicking from Vettel lead to his error going off into the gravel and sensationally Hamilton came through and won taking the lead of the championship and never looked back

In 12 months
Hamilton has won 15 races
Nobody else has won more than 2 with Vettel's reputation battered pretty much every weekend

How things have changed for him in a year


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Spotted an interesting article today: Red Bull questions FIA over Ferrari engine

Three theories are given as to why Ferrari is now faster:
1. Ferrari is generating more than the allowed kilowattage from the battery.
2. The engine is managing to store and then use extra fuel at certain moments between the mandatory sensors.
3. The engine is burning extra oil for a power benefit.

I gather any of these three actually violate the rules, at least in spirit. We shall see how this gets sorted out.


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Well will they get thrown out of the championship and get $100 m fine :whistle::whistle::whistle:Or say they did not know about it and it was a rogue employee so send the mafia after them
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