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Bit of shameless promotion but anyone interested in joining a league take a look here:

There are leagues for all formats including PC, we're mid way through our 2nd season now but there are always places available and the number of leagues are expanding all the time.

Here's one of the recent races from the PS3 league.
Do these guys use set ups and are the freaks at the top of the time trial sheets? I hope not otherwise I will not join...and how do these guys have a championship if there's only 12 racers allowed and more would like to participate?

Their commentray there is's like they know what has happened and tried to make it as if it's live while trying to copy Brundle and Coulthard :snigger:
There is a tiered structure and the top league does have a few of the freaks at the top of the time trial sheets! When you sign up you are allocated to a league depending on how fast your time trial laps are at Monaco, Spa and Korea. Currently there are 10 PS3 leagues so you would be racing alongside drivers who are a similar pace.

As for the commentary its a new thing they are trying out. They can commentate live on some races if they are been streamed but its mainly added in afterwards.
Korea??? Why Korea???

Plus these laptimes can vary for different tracks and not be much of an indicator, I have done a fair few laps around Spa, not many around Monaco, and none on Korea.

That's quite a nice system, think I might join but don't know if it's too late...Plus I have an Xbox 360, how many leagues does that have?
They added Korea as when the game came out it was an unknown course so circuit knowledge wouldn't make a difference.

There are 8 leagues for XBOX racing on different nights so you can choose when is a suitable time for you to race.

People are signing up all the time, there's been a few new additions in the last week so I'm sure there is room for more! Here's the XBOX sign up thread.
Spa yes, Monaco and Korea big NO NO NO :givemestrength:

You have to separate the Hamiltons from the Piquet Jr's so a tough mix of courses are needed. There will be a new season starting shortly after 2011 is released and I'm fairly certain the time trial laps we will be racing there will be Spa, Monaco and India. There will be a total restructure of the leagues too as the online capacity will be increasing.
When does this current league end? I totally hate this system they have...but it guess it has to be done.
The current league will be ending in September, they run one race a week with occasional breaks. XBOX are onto round 10 while the PS3 leagues are on round 7 due to the network been down.

The TT's are dry for Monaco and Korea and wet for Spa. The actual races are set to dynamic so anything could happen. We actually had rain at Bahrain!
I need to get my network back online, for some reason it won't let me log in so that may take a while
I've just signed up and am currently tearing around Monaco on time trial, currently my PB is a 1:16.000, a lot of room for improvement there
Having had a crack at the time trials I got an overall time of 282.610

Monaco 1:15.842
Spa 1:48.773
Korea 1:37.995

Still room for improvement
Some good times there. Better than my times. Not as fast as some of the league one guys but I think you need to be a actual F1 driver to match some of those guys.
The guys in league one use steering wheels and what not, to achieve what they do with a normal controller is quite impossible.

Unfortunately for me I have only got a controller can't mix it up with those dudes.

I haven't done the laptimes yet, but from the few laps that I did in time trial a while back in Monaco I think I got a time in the 1:14's
The majority do use wheels. We do have a quite a few drivers including one in the top PS3 league who uses a controller. It has to be seen to be believed.
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