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I can drive without most aids but when racing I prefer TC and driving line as its less to think about when trying to overtake.
I hate the driving line, if anything that distracts me, I usually just go with the gears and TC, currently trying to get a < 280 time now, managed to get a 1:15.1 at Monaco
Yay I recently was able to play the game for which I am happy to conclude that I ain't F1 material, damn it is hard on the hard setting, maybe I was to ambitious as a neewbie.

I started a career with Lotus, but what I don't get is they oust Heiki and keep Jarno, Lmao.
I need to get some practise in. Was planning on joining you guys last night for a session but Friday night is Friday night and other things got in the way! I'm gonna spend a few hours working on set-up tomorrow but I think my car is going to be as quick as it's going to be.

The street races like Valencia, Monaco and Singapore are more of an endurance event than a sprint. Steady pace keeping it out of the walls and picking up good points after those who push too hard meet the walls with a thump!
Well I had to abort the race myself due to other commintments, in terms of tomorrow I'm happy with the setup and I'm happy with my one lap pace, I'm planning on race levels of running while keeping it out of the barrier, Turn 1 should be fun as I'll just be trying to make it through in one piece.
I'm not too worried about 1 lap place. That 1st corner is a killer! Go online and try and do a lot of sprint races just to practise different approaches to the bend. I'm predicting at least 3 or 4 cars entangling there! I video some of the races so I think this will be one that may need a camera to help analyse some of the bumps after the race!
Anyone got car setup down to an art? more so gearing....I seem to be hitting the limiter way to often and I find that I am very slow in general down straights, any good gearing tips/advice.
It depends on the circuit, usually you want to be hitting the limiter at the end of the longest straight.
It depends on the circuit, usually you want to be hitting the limiter at the end of the longest straight.

I find that I am having issues on the gearing say from 2-4 either the ratio's are too low and the rpm is gone and the engine takes a beating or it will take a lot more tweaking around to get it just about right.

I don't know why it is so impossible to make Q2 with BMW sauber, clearly the setup is an issue somewhere.
I tell you something Yorkie, it's going to be tough on fuel consumption tonight, having done a few race runs, I've had the yellow light appear with 3/4 laps to go.
Do you use manual gears? The game has been designed so you never run out of fuel when using Auto gears even with the engine set to high.
Well I used auto gears for the race and I had to coast over the line because the fuel tank ran dry
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