Gaming F1 2010 Online League

The admin boys are doing a good job. The sites come on a lot since I 1st joined.

We're also getting close to launching season 2 of the GT5 series. Instead of the mixture of GT500 cars from last time we're going for a single spec series this time, Corvette ZR1 RM, you get to choose your own colour car and then we'll assign you a car number, that will be kicking off wed evenings.
Shocking race for me today! Spent the whole day drinking in the sun and was desperately shoving food down my neck 15 mins before the race in an attempt to sober up enough to drive! Then with the race been a total washout I was surprised I stayed on the track as much as I did.
My decision for a dryish setup failed miserably. It is the last time I believe 'light rain' on the forecast, it happened in Silverstone and it happened again tonight. Managed to creep home 6th at least, if I actually had a wet setup I could have finished ahead of AJ, but 3 races and 18 points, can't complain too much really for my debut races.
ARL have got a good mention on Inside Sim Racing's latest episode. It's an online TV series that reviews all form of racing games.. It's a good result for the ARL boys and there is even a brief glimpse of me driving!

Go to 1:40 for the ARL bit and I'm driving the blue Calsonic Skyline that you see for about 2 seconds!
I've not actually got any practise laps in yet....I'm hoping for a few hours after the F1 race tomorrow.
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