Classic Quiz: "The only" quiz


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1. Who was the only driver to win Indianapolis 500 twice when it was World Championship event?
Bill Vukovich
2. What is the only race which was staged to be run in two parts before the race?
1959 German Grand Prix in Avus
3. Who is the only driver who has been killed in his home race?
Jo Schlesser, 1968 French Grand Prix
4. What is the only season where two races were worth of half points?
1975, Spanish and Austrian GPs
5. On which circuit did Bruno Giacomelli score his only pole position?
Watkins Glen
6. Who won the only Grand Prix held in Dallas?
Keke Rosberg
7. What was the only year to have separate competition for non-turbo runners?
1987 - winners were Jonathan Palmer and Tyrrell
8. Who was the only Grand Prix driver who had driven in Aida circuit before F1 visited there in 1994?
Roland Ratzenberger - sadly it was to be his only race he qualified and was able to start
9. Who is the only International F3000 (1985-2004) champion to have won multiple Grand Prix's
Juan Pablo Montoya - he won seven!
10. Who was the only driver in 2000s with only one Grand Prix start?
Markus Winkelhock, 2007 European Grand Prix
1 point. I'm getting worse
Even by the standards of some of the greatest enthusiasts here it would be supernatural to know all those crazy things that people ask in the quizzes:D
But what I love about our community here is that I genuinely believe all the results posted. It's somewhat special I have to say:)
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