Changes made to Interlagos


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'Synthetic lawn' at turn 4 looking at the picture, isn't that what Hamilton took with him in Korea?
Looks like it. Still don't see what's wrong with this:



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Why have kerbs at all?

The circuit limits are denoted by the white lines; if drivers are going outside those then they are going too fast for the corner or cutting the corner.


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Basically if I get it right there's going to be a new pitlane at the straight after the Curva do Sol. Which means that the best first corner on the calendar is going to be one of the last corners.



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Personally I think they should plant small explosives filled with a bag of nails at the side of the track. I bet you they'd find a way of keeping inside the race track limits then.

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I missed that, I don't like the idea of the Descida do Lago being the first corner, and since when did they change the name of the Bico do Pato? (I think that's how it spelt)
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