Challenge III


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This is another Challenge series. Sorry I can't think of a theme!

1. Name the thirteen drivers to win their home nation Grand Prix more than once

[ie. a win for a German at the Nurburgring does not count if it is a European GP.]

Prost and Clark - 5 each
Fangio, Mansell, Schumacher, Piquet and Senna - 10 each
Coulthard and Massa - 15 each
Stewart and Fittipaldi - 25 each
Moss and Ascari - 30 each

I do sometimes build a time thing into these, which is why Jackie Stewart is worth more points than Felipe Massa!

2. Name the 16 drivers to have led the Championship, but for only 2 or less races, in their career up to January 2011.

Vettel, Kubica and Massa - 5 each
Fisichella, Hunt and Surtees - 10 each
Collins, "Taffy" Von Trips, De Angelis, Lorenzo Bandini, Pedro Rodriguez, Depallier - 15 each
Trintignant - 17
Luigi Musso and Piero Taruffi - 19 each

Thats really difficult, isn't it?

3. Name the 20 drivers who had most Grand Prix before their first win (but did win a race)

Webber, Barrichello, Trulli, Button, Fisichella - 2 each
Hakkinen and Mansell - 5 each
Boutsen, Alesi, Irvine, Patrese, Herbert and Massa - 10 each
Ralf Schumacher, Depallier, Nannini, Tambay - 15 each
Siffert, De Angelis, Frentzen - 20 each

4. Name Rubens Barrichello's 14 team-mates in F1 up to the end of 2010.

Michael Schumacher - no points
Button and Hulkenburg - 5 each
Irvine, Brundle, Magnussen and Herbert - 10 each
Boutsen, Verstappen - 15 each
Capelli, Aguri Suzuki and de Cesaris - 20 each
Marco Apicella and Emmanuelle Naspetti are 30 pointers!

5. Name the 20 winners of Austrian Grands Prix.

Again Michael Schumacher no points - on principle!
Hakkinen and Prost - 3 each
Peterson, Jones, Fittipaldi, Lauda, Mansell, Irvine and Coulthard - 7 each
Jacques Villeneuve - 9
Reutemann, Watson, Ickx, Laffite and De Angelis - 12 each
Siffert and Jabouille - 15 each
Bandini and Brambilla - 23 each

And divide your score by 100!
Less than half correct, exactly I earned 4,99 points :)
My worst result out of these three challenges, but still strong performace I think :embarrassed:
Again started with 100% for the first question, but after I just turned more and more nervous becouse of the tough questions. :)
Thanks, this made me thinking hard, and that's what a real F1 fan needs!
3.51 for me. The Rubens question really got me, heavens he has driven with some no marks...
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