Buemi's Bad Luck

And he also gets a 5 place grid drop with an incident with Heidfeld, which I would say is very harsh.

While Heidfeld gets a drive through in this race and doesn't serve it, a penalty should carry on to the next race as it's usually done, but what ya know it wasn't.
Yep, Buemi gets a five place grid drop for not seeing Heidfeld in his mirrors and squeezing him off the track while in Canada Button does the same thing to Hamilton without punishment (unless they were going to do him for that and then he sped under the safety car and got done for that instead?)

The FIA stewards are nothing if not consistantly inconsistent.
Why has Buemi got another penalty for the Heidfeld overtake? The stewards can never get it right it seems. At the moment, the stewards seem to investigate 866 things a race, find someone to punish even when no-one's to blame, and then sometimes not bother punishing that person after all! Its absolutely ludicrous!
I don't think we are into that territory yet but maybe he was punished under this technicality of moving under the braking. Brundle suggested he looked left in his mirrors so did he see Heidfield? With Hamilton further up the grid, maybe the stewards have found their new stress ball.
Maybe he can do a Webber from China; not do any qualifying laps, start on the hard, see how the start goes (should clear a few of the slow 6), then divide the race depending how each set of Options last. He'd be flying towards the end.
Still very angry about this penality for Buemi. Just can't get my head around why the steward's gave him it and not give Heidfeld one over the Di Resta incident. Talk about been inconsitant with decisions.
Conspiracy against the Moose, just because he is overshadowing everyone else by showing that with antlers he can still get a helmet on, and race against these guys.

Shocking penalty, as if his puncture wasn't a penalty itself, Heidfeld wasn't even alongside. Who recently hit into someone but didn't get a penalty but the stewards decided "his front wing came off that's enough punishment"?
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