Best race to go and watch?


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I've never been to see a live F1 race, as I always felt the coverage would be best on TV (though after last weekend, I'm not so sure). I'd like to go and see one race, but which would be the most enjoyable?

The only live events I've really seen are Drifting, Time Attack, and Superbikes, which are not exactly the same thing. :)
I think it depends on what you're after from the experience.

Do you want to see cars flying up the track towards Eau Rouge at Spa?
Or do you want to soak up the history and exhibition that is Monaco?
For sheer atmosphere you can't beat the British GP, especially considering the present and former WDCs are in the same (British) team.
Then there's the night race(s) which by all accounts have a totally different feel to them.

Given the choice I think I'd consider Spa, Suzuka, Canada, Interlagos and possibly Singapore.
Oh and of course Britain.

Just make sure you take some good earplugs/defenders depending on where you are.
A cousin of mine had to leave the Istanbul GP a few years ago as it was just too loud apparently and they couldn't buy ear plugs anywhere within the circuit grounds.
My favorites are Spa and Montreal. Monaco is more about the surroundings than the race. Monza is great, as the fans are passionate about their racing. Silverstone is worthy too, although I preferred Brands Hatch. Unfortunately, I never managed to make it to Suzuka, so I will have to defer to other peoples opinions about it.
Singapore would be a fun one to do, but Spa would be my logical choice.

Then again if i was going to see some live racing i'd go not F1 but trundle off to Le Mans.
Brogan said:
I forgot to add, if it's overtakes you're interested in watching, you might want to have a look at this ;) :D

F1 Overtaking Statistics & Analysis: 1983 - 2010

Thanks Brogan, that makes me want to go to Melbourne even more (and unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make that one this year!).

Looking at the schedule, the only ones I have a real chance of going to are Silverstone or Monza (I'm not sure I could get time off for Spa). If it wasn't for the rather large ticket prices I would consider doing both.

Silverstone is only 45 minutes up the road (though I expect 2 hours of queueing either way for the car park), and a British GP with a British team with British drivers should make a good combination (especially if they win!). However I've never been to Monza, and no doubt that'd be quite an experience too (is it safe to wear a McLaren shirt out there? :D).

I have plans to see the Nurburgring 24hrs and Le Mans 24hrs this year, so I should see plenty of overtaking even if the F1 is up to its usual standards.
Oh yeah, forgot about Melbourne.
Even if you could get time off I doubt you'd get tickets now.

As siffert_fan said, Monza is an experience just for the Tiffosi.
It's also one of the last high speed circuits so you'll get a different experience there than say some of the newer, twisty circuits.

You'll definitely be in a minority there in your McLaren garb but I've never heard of any problems between fans.
If I can sit in the Juventus section in Torino wearing a Man Utd shirt while they're playing each other and make it out alive then you should be fine :D

I actually had the chance to walk around the circuit when I lived in Milan. It was quite weird walking somewhere where there'd been 50 years of F1 races.
>> You'll definitely be in a minority there in your McLaren garb but I've never heard of any problems between fans. <<

That's what I've heard too, but I'll be able to find out for sure this year :chuffed:

To be on the safe side I might just wear my Classic Team Lotus shirt for the Friday, though, and see how it goes before risking the original 1998 Macca pitcrew shirt...

BTW there's quite a lot of information around the web fora with reports from fans who've been to races - for example, here's a helpful thread on Monza from F1 Fanatic: ... nza-italy/
HuntTheShunt said:
That's what I've heard too, but I'll be able to find out for sure this year :chuffed:
I'm sure you'll love it.
It's like the difference between watching a concert on TV and actually being there.

Thanks for the link and welcome to the site
Just a reminder to everyone that we have The Grandstand Forum if anyone has any thoughts on tracks, reports from races, pictures and reviews from their own point of view.

Should help in the future for answering these sort of questions.

Brogan said:
Thanks for the link and welcome to the site


Nice logo!
I don't know if you've ever bought anything from the Bruce McLaren Trust, but Jan McLaren does all the packing and signs the export labels etc!
I have been also in the racing, but as a mature I am a street racer and earn on the bets. I have other job which helps me to maintain my car and to be ready on the night race.
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