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Who will be the next CEO of FOM after Bernie goes.

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Bernie is the CEO of FOM and controls the rudder on F1 and its future. When he goes it is going to leave a black hole sized vacum in F1. The big question is who will take over as CEO in Bernies place ?

Earlier this year he tipped a woman to replace him at the helm of the sport in 'three to five years'
At 81 years old you have to assume this wasn't just a flippant comment and he is already grooming his replacement.

Current favorites are :

• Lawyer Sacha jane Woodward-Hill a curent board member and director at FOM.

• Judith Griggs senior executive of Allsport management, who deal with advertising within F1.

• Monisha Kaltenborn, the new MD of Sauber F1 opperations. Former UN employee.

• Michaele Mouton currently in charge of the FIA's women in motorsport commission.

• Tamara Ecclestone his daughter. :tumbleweed:

Who ever lands the role I just hope the transition is smooth and not forced due to Bernies ill health or sudden death. Hopefully he will retire and hand things over sooner rather than leaving it until its to late.
The whole issue here goes back to Max selling out F1 to Bernie, I'm sure the alleged 300 Million GBP backhander had nothing to do with it. No CEO, if doing their job properly (and legally in many countries), should be focused on anything other than profitability. Unfortunately its the sporting aspect that taskes second place.
Google has spoken...
Oh dear, I voted Tamara as a joke. The shocking news is that I wasn't the 1st. Anyone catch her new tv show? She's trying to show how hard her life is as a Billionaire Heiress.
I watched part of the Tamara Ecclestone show last night. She did not impress me, well, I suppose she did, more as an air-head than anything else. She seemed to be shocked that marketing experts thought that they knew more than she (a total novice) did.

Takes after her father in some ways, but will she have the flair for getting the dosh.
If Tamara Ecclestone takes over from her dad, F1 will be in big trouble that girl would be a ruining the sport.

I'm tipping Michaele Mouton to take over, with her been part of the FIA i think she'd be a good replacement.
Tamara is a hot chicken................nothing more.
Don't have a direct idea of who can be the replacement of Bernie.
Maybe the FOTA?
...Earlier this year he tipped a woman to replace him at the helm of the sport in 'three to five years' ....
Around that same time, Bernie also suggested they should position lawn sprinklers around the circuits to water down the track at irregular intervals to spice up the competition.

Bernie's yogurt is long since past its "Best if used by" date. This is as nonsensical as demanding that F1 use only women drivers for the upcoming season.

More's the pity that the Murdoch/Slim/Agnelli deal to rescue F1 from CVC died on the vine.
Who was the America bloke being touted as Bernie's replacement? I think I wrote an article about him.
...More's the pity that the Murdoch/Slim/Agnelli deal to rescue F1 from CVC died on the vine.
James Allen reported a couple of days ago sources at Bloomberg are saying the Murdoch/Slim/Agnelli/FOTA consortium's interest in buying F1 is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. They only have been temporarily distracted by the Murdoch involvement in the NOTW phone hacking ugliness.

Fingers crossed.
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