Auto GP


I just stumbled across this motorsport - think of it as a bit like SuperLeague Formula and it runs alongside the WTCC. Anyway, these are the highlights for the first 5 rounds of the season in order:

(I say highlights, but I can only find 2-minute segments)

It's the old cars from the A1GP series spruced up a bit. The original Zytek-engined ones, not the Ferrari ones.
I've downloaded and watched a few of these races. It's been sort of an Italian National Championship this year with them occupying 6 of the first 8 spots in the title race. Luca Filippi was heading for the championship until he recently joined the Coloni GP2 team which now leaves 17 year old Kevin Ceccon in line for the title.

If anybody wants to see some more action from the earlier rounds, I can probably post some of it. Just let me know.
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