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The new AC has arrived! It is currently loading up (lengthy update and 1st load on PS3)

I can't wait to play on it but the Mrs wants a go 1st. My impressions will come later but for now I'm going to sit back and watch the opening movie.....

BTW the game is released tomorrow!
Is this any good? I am currently just finishing off Brotherhood. The first Assassin's Creed has always been my favourite.

Big up to ma man Altair!
Have you got a PS3? That version comes with the 1st AC free on the disc. This is a bonus for me as I never played the 1st one much. Altair does have a significant part in the story in Revelations. I've done the main story missions now so I know Ezio's fate just need to find some more collectables so I can finish Desmonds tale.

This time there's hardly any time spent learning new tricks so you're straight into the action. A lot of the game is spent tying up loose ends, I don't think it's as big as the previous 2 titles though as I managed to wrap the main story in a few evenings but I could be spending a lot longer getting the game upto completion level once all the buildings and side missions are done. I've not played much online yet apart from the Beta.

Theres quite a few clues to the next part of the world the assassins will visit. I won't mention where yet though.

Definitely worth getting if you're a fan of the series but if you haven't played any of them start from the beginning as this one is deep into the story.
I have an Xbox 360, got assassins Creed with my Xbox first game I played on it rather enjoyable.

Don't really care about the story, I have played all 3 but I have lost track with the story as I got the second one when I got brotherhood, I just got into brotherhood again while playing the start a little so the story i don't really know much about.

Can you give me a recap of the stories please? :D
We're less than a week away from the release of the latest instalment of this epic series.

Ezio's story has ended and we are introduced to a new character and a new setting. Connor is half Caucasian half Native American and the British have just arrived in the colonies
As with the last series, the developers will be taking liberties with history and you can experience the turning points in the revolutionary war from The Boston Tea Party all the way to Gettysburg and everywhere in between.

The bad guys this time are us Brits and Connor will have to face the almighty redcoat musket fire. It's a whole new form of gameplay to adapt too.

There's also a new Naval section but I feel that may be a little gimmicky like the base defence from the last game.

Have a look at this epic trailer. It shows how a single man could beat the regimented power of British musketry.

And a bit of gameplay too to wet your appetite

I'm looking forward to this immensely and have the game ordered already!
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