Head To Head Daniel Ricciardo vs Daniil Kvyat

I think the news Bill Boddy is that Kvyat clearly outpaced him for the first third of the race when there was no one between them and they were on the same strategy.

The Mark Webber style start is a bit of a given.
Well its the first race Danii has managed to get a proper weekend in from quali to race without some gremlin

The next race if Red Bull have not sorted their issue they could struggle is Canada which is very hard on brakes and they had problems with brakes in Malaysia and Bahrain


Helmut's view

Red Bull aint doing well its because the engine is :censored: and a tortoise compared to the others

The junior team is doing a better job or equally competitive with the same engine so it must be the Red Bull drivers who are rubbish then

So no credit is given to the Toro Rosso engineers/ team doing a better job managed by Franz Tost than Red Bull managed by Christian Horner:facepalm:
Surely the bookies have stopped taking bets on Verstappen to Red Bull for next year right? Its a dead cert whatever either they currently have does.

I'm pretty certain Kvyat will prob be out on his ear however that still doesn't mean he might not take Ricciardo's rep down before he goes. Underestimate him at your peril.

In 2013 when in GP3 his team mate was none other than Carlos Sainz and at the begining of the year Sainz was clearly the favoured son and the number one driver. As the season went on though Kvyat got better and better and devestated the field in the last 3rd of the season to take the title. He's a slow burner so don't count him out.

Not like he has anything to lose is it?
RasputinLives I am just trying to think what basis does Kyvat deserved to be dropped given he has been shoehorned into Red Bull by Marko as soon as Vettel quit and the car is a lemon and its not all down to the engine :thinking: Apart that Helmut Marko displaying his Sith Lord impersonation by simply dumping his current protege if the next one has more potential

Based on Monaco it appears he is more than a match for Ricciardo when he has the car working properly so it will be fascinating indeed how he handles the situation

Does Kyvat come with powerful Russian backers by any chance ?
Well I think one of them will be replaced by 2016 regardless how well or not they do

Williams have a soft spot for Australian drivers and if Bottas is going to Ferrari then I think Ricciardo will replace him or will Daniel's Italian heritage have his head turned like Jean Alesi's did ?

Kyvat its unclear which team he would join if he was dropped then I think Bernie might step in to ensure there is a Russian driver on the grid

have to say I thought Kyvat has been harshly criticised by Marko recently given the Red Bull is an average car this seaon
Williams have a soft spot for Australian drivers

Really? I count 3 in the entire history of Williams, and Mark Webber as the only Australian Williams driver since 1981.

Edit: To keep this back on topic, probably one, if not two of them will leave. I think Ricciardo would be smart to go. Red Bull is definitely struggling and the negative attitude all around the team and Renault doesn't suggest improvement in the coming years. Might as well cash in on his reputation as a top driver while he can, but Vettel surely won't want him at Ferrari.
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soccerman17 That is more than Italians and French drivers and behind Brits, and Brazilians

I gather the pre race briefing at Red Bull was not pleasant from Ricciardo's point of view being a lap down on Mercedes.
I agree the constant moaning and threatening to quit is not helping him whilst Vettel is enjoying new lease of life at Ferrari.

Usually Red Bull sand bag their true pace in testing in previous seasons so this year it looks like they were in deeper trouble than was lead to believe
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Ricciardo to Mercedes. You heard it here first :D

I cant see riccardio leaving Red bull not mercedes Iin my opinion As possibly Weirlein for rosberg he stays Iin this role of constantly beaten by Lewis in 2016 (but thats a topic on the merc thread) riccardio would defo be on a shortlist with bottas to replace kimi who I think might retire in abu dhabi

I think its amazing kyvat even in the main red bull team as cant forget 10 mths prior to When he got the main drive at suzuka he was fighting ellianas?? for gp3 title in his rookie yr
Daniel apparently got his knuckles wrapped for saying Red Bull went backwards in Canada and it aint all just the engine .

He is contracted until the end of next season in the midst of Ferrari bound rumours so does that mean Danill will have to give way to Max Verstappen then ?
Why would Kvyat give way to Verstappen or anyone for that matter? He's in his 2nd year in F1, 1st year in RBR team, and he's already more or less matching his teammate. If it wasn't for his DNS in Australia, he would have already been ahead of Ricciardo in the standings. And Ricciardo is lucky Kvyat is so inexperienced that it shows, because he occasionally makes mistakes that get in the way of even better results, e.g. Austria start, Silverstone spin, Hungary flat spot etc.
You have to feel sorry for Kyvat because he was talked about the next exciting prospect last season at 19 years old and then Helmut decides to promote Verstappen into the deep end creating a lot of publicity for Max.

Even Kyvat's 2nd place in Hungary has been overshadowed by the fact that Verstappen was close to becoming the youngest podium driver.

I don't expect Kyvat to be shunted aside even though Helmut tends to be quite brutal when he comes to driver promotions. The average lifespan for a Red Bull driver to prove themselves tends to be 2 seasons at least
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