Gaming Anyone here play Rfactor


Just curious if anyone here plays rfactor

i'm interested in starting up a f1 - open wheel based league for people in europe
haha i finally followed you from avforums ;)

its a game very similar to f1 challenge or the grand prix series

the difference is that rfactor is the core game and its up to the modding community to create the mods

at the moment there are alot of very good mods and a few f1 2009 beta mods which work very well

give it a try mate - it doesnt need a powerful pc to run either
Just wondering, how many of us have the game, because if there is a load, perhaps we should set a league up, considering that more people have PCs than PS3s (which was a major problem when it came to online for F1 2010)

I drove like a wombat for years without ever having owned a PC or a PS3!

rFactor is now my weapon of choice.
For me the great bonus of rFactor is the circuits. Longford, Tasmania is a dream circuit and the opportunity to "drive" it is just fabulous, I have spent hours researching it on Google Earth, much is now by-passed or, like the two bridges, gone forever, so sad. Also Sudschliefe is a rare gem as is Nassau.
Add in the rFactor hill and mountain climbs like Stelvio, Mont Ventoux and Pikes Peak and with all those different cars available rFactor is a match for Grand Prix Legends for enjoyment.
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