Alternative tagging feature


I would like to tag other members by not using their forum names, I know this is possible by using bb code as follows


Where # = their user number or @ name, and blah = what you want to call them.

It is not part of the xenforo bbcode package but it is available as an add on

Then I could tag Brogan as Bro and people could tag me as mep and so forth, it is just slightly less formal and friendly I think.

Does it cost money for the add ons? if so I don't mind coughing up also should I have put this on the suggestion thread instead of this one if so please move it..
According to that thread, "the method not using the @ sign, that is...doesn't seem to trigger an alert".

So I'm not sure how useful it would be really?
All I can promise is to evaluate it.
If it's a well written add-on (a lot of them aren't), doesn't cause any bugs and doesn't conflict with the existing code or any other add-ons (a lot of them do) then possibly ;)

Generally speaking, add-ons slow the software down which makes for a less pleasant user experience, so I try to keep them to a minimum.
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