Thanks Sky Sports for the predictable and underwhelming TV coverage, as per usual.
Not sure why you NEVER use static shots but you really should try these from time to time,
they would improve your production ten fold and show all the viewers how fast the cars are really going.

I'm submitting a suggestion for a shot at TURN 13 in BAKU, but mark my words,
Sky Sports will never use these suggestions because they're a bunch blind morons.
The first drawing can be used at any track with Martin Brundle. Let's see if they do it?

They ruin every race with their pathetic directing and lame ass, boring and monotonous camera shots.
All they have to do is STOP ZOOMING IN AND PANNING ON EVERY FRIGGIN' SHOT, but they won't because somebody
thinks that's how it should be. To bad for that narrow minded jerk.

Stay wide for Christ's sake so we can see more cars moving back and forth across the frame instead of the camera moving.
That's all I'm asking, STOP MOVING THE CAMERA SO MUCH and let the cars do the moving.

Not sure how to conduct a poll but:

- How many guys want to see more cars in some shots especially at the starts?

- How many guys are happy with closeup shots of one car for every shot?

Peter Carbone


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As I understand it Sky only gets feeds from F1 TV run by Liberty Media, so any shots are what Sky gets not what they produce, not that I excuse Sky, their greed in sweeping up any sport they think will make them millions to the exclusion ripping off fans, ensures I will never subscribe and use any available streaming to watch for free.
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