Grand Prix 2024 Spanish, Austrian, and British Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

This weekend see the start of a "triple header" of F1 races, starting at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Spain, then on to the Red Bull Ring, for the Austrian Grand Prix on 30th June, and ending at Silverstone, for the British Grand Prix, on the 7th July. This will test the stamina of the team personnel, especially if we have a repeat of the start to the Austrian GP in 1987, where it took the grid three goes to make it past the first corner.

The third restart was nearly two hours after the race was supposed to start. You can imagine nowadays that the TV companies would be briefing their legal team, ready to sue the drivers for interrupting their schedule.

Spain is not usually too exciting, but let's not put the cart before the horse, it may surprise us. And testing was in Bahrain (wasn't it?), so the teams don't have mountains of data to tell them how to set the car up. McLaren have found some pace, and on the right circuit the Ferrari's look quick. Even Mercedes claim to have found some speed in their car, although none are, as yet, quite as fast the the Red Bull in Max Verstappen's hands. Here are the times for the Spanish race (BST), which for some reason insist on listing in reverse date order :dunno:.


Austria has a Sprint race, so only one practice session on Friday


There is no Sprint race at Silverstone this year.


If, like me, your significant other is not a great sports fan the next few weeks will be punctuated with comments such as "I can't believe your watching Afghanistan versus India" or "do you really need to watch Georgia versus Ukraine?". Need, no. Want, yes.

So sit back, fill a glass with whatever beverage is your choice, and enjoy numerous multi-millionaires getting aggy because they haven't won.
they said it was Jim Clark final Race, but as we know he didnt plan on it being his final race
Jim Clarks last F1 race was the 1968 South African GP which for some bizarre reason was held on New Year's Day 1968. He missed the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch in March and by the next F1 race, the BRDC Trophy at Silverstone he was already dead. The next F1 Championship race wasn't until Span in May.
Well that was a race.

Once again, the rain created unpredictability but definitely won't complain about that.
GET IN THERE Lewis Hamilton, i was so proud of him, what a week for the old guys Mark Cavendish & Lewis Hamilton. proof you can never give up. sport can be very emotional just watching. i never doubted him. i always knew if you give him the car he will deliver as he did in china. you know what i loved how much it meant to him & this will be right up there with 2008. it amazing to hear that he felt he might never win another grand prix & to win it like he did extremely hard fought. it might mean more than 2008

again proves "its just the car" is 1 of the biggest F1 myths. you dont do what he has done down the yrs, in the cars he's driven. winning a race every yr between 07 - 21. if its just the car. people (not us we know LOL) forget that Hamilton won in dreadful cars & beat some dominant cars. beating peak alonso in debut yr & winning races in 2009, 2011 & 2013
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on the race, it was an other entertaining race 3 in a row. is F1 feeling ok. its great when you watch a race you think 5 drivers couldve easily won it. Mclaren will be wondering how on earth they lost it. i feel like norris was too gung ho strategy wise last few races, yeah its great to go fully for the win but win or bust stategy is not great if your trying to build a championship. but 1 thing i would say isnt mclaren fault is the hard tyre nobody expected the Hard to be so good or that Verstappen after being nowhere for such a long time would suddenly find some pace in the final 10 laps

& has leclerc used all his good luck up this season at monaco. he has had shocking results since

FB i know imagine someone telling us after the race in China, where Verstappen had just secured his 21st victory out of the last 23 races, and Red Bull achieved their 37th win in the last 40 races. that we would have 4 different cars & 5 different drivers would win in the last 7 races
From what I anticipated would be a Verstappen and Red Bull benefit it's turning in to quite a season.
After the first few races I'd lost the will to live. Then Red Bull internally exploded. Newey quit, Horner found himself in the middle of an HR case, Perez found the only gear on his car was reverse and Max started to make all sorts of noises about chucking his notice in because his mentor was going to be shown the door.

Couple all of that with the fact that McLaren have found some Red Bull matching pace with Mercedes and Ferrari also having their moments and suddenly Sky's trouser moistening hyperbole almost seems valid.
Nothing better than a British driver winning the British Grand Prix.

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you know what surprised me, whats going on with Max Verstappen its was unnerving how nice & fair he was. i heard a few say that it was because he didnt have the pace but then he didnt have the pace in austria,
Austria was his car's home GP, also despite his public support from his team, privately he may have been told to behave, with a non performing team mate RB can't afford a black flag or a DNF due to a crash, both Mercedes and McLaren are consistently earning points with two cars high in the top ten.
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