Grand Prix 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Howdy y'all, the next race will be in the entertainment capital of the world, sin city, city that never sleeps, brightest city in the world. Las Vegas Nevada

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this is a realisation of the sports nearly 50 yr dream to get F1 on the Las Vegas strip, as those who followed the sport for a while will know that this isnt the 1st time we have been in Las Vegas as we had finales to the 1981 & 1982 that are remembered for all the wrong reasons. the ignominious Caesars Palace GP with the racetrack in the car park of the hotel. so bad it pops up in every list of the worst 5 circuits for F1 to race on. although whether this is a 1 off or fulfils its 10 yr contract remains to be scene because from the bits ive seen the locals aren't happen with the infrastructure needed for the race to take place

i think we are all concerned that this race will become where the on track become hugely overshadowed by what happens off track, especially with an opening ceremony, taking place on Wednesday evening, also this will be the first world championship race to be held on a Saturday for 38 years, since the 1985 South African GP at Kyalami. & alot has been made of racing on a Saturday although due to time differences unless your watching on the West coast & central America or Mexico. its business as usual & the race in the uk is no different to the Japanese gp starting at 6am on a sunday. although like buses you wait 38 years for a saturday race & 3 of the next 4 come along

i think the times are a bit weird not sure why Qualifying starting at the ridiculous local time of midnight, doesnt help the reputation that F1 is there for the fans, as i cant imagine going to a sporting event that finishes at after 1.30am. i think im right that the qualifying & the race will take place on the same day for the 1st time since japan 2005


i like the track on paper ive driven it quite a few times on the F1 2023 game. its fast its flowing, yes its going to pass all the major Landmarks, but its also got a huge back straight potentially the 2nd biggest F1 has seen 1.9km then a chicane followed by 800m straight to the 1st corner, but so many circuits look good on paper & fail in reality. it even has a nod to the Caesars palace circuit i mentioned earlier. the track conditions are appartantly a big worry to all the teams because it weird turn of events in 6 weeks we could have 1 of the hottest F1 races in Qatar & now in Las Vegas they are concerned it could be coldest race since Canada in 1978. where they are expecting temperatures of 6c, which teams thing will make tyre warm up a nightmare & have issues with cold graining

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im looking forward to see Verstappen delaying the podium to stick his puffer coat on, if its anything like the 1978 Canadian GP podium
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i guess the only way to end this is VIVA LAS VEGAS & what stays Vegas wont be staying in Vegas


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thinking earlier will cold temperatures play into ferrari hands, as the overheating they suffer from at most tracks this season, could that actually benefit them, being the best placed get the tyres in the windows in the cold conditions & those that are light on their tyres which is great trait for most of the season will struggle
They had a golf tournament between some F1 drivers paired with some people I've never heard of. I haven't watched it and I don't plan to at any time in the future.
Apparently Pirelli have the wrong tyres so another tyre pressure farce coming up
its not they brought the wrong tyres theyve brought the 3 softest tyres in there range its just going at night in winter. so its very cold. the race could be fascinating, because like turkey 2020, keeping temperature is vital but theyve got to change tyres unlike turkey 2020 & once your off the C5, your going into a big risk. because the C3 is going to be useless but C4 will have to be used but it who knows if you can keep it in the working ranges
as we know they have to go on hype train. because the racing is crap. so you have to get people interested somehow & make it a spectacle & if verstappen had a challenger like 2021 this wouldnt be so bad.

but vegas is vegas theres only 1 reason why any performer goes there. because of its reputation
Sitting in a Teams call watching FP2 at the same time. What a character less, feature less, dull as ditch water race track. It could be anywhere. At least the one in Caesar's Palace car park was shit, this doesn't even rate that highly.
if you can find the 5 live chequered flag podcast do from 24 mins in & las vegas organiser talks really interestingly about the issues changed my mind on the future of the race. as ive very little from American point of view. they are committed to being a sporting city, with F1 theyve got, Nascar, NFL, NHL, MLB planned & NBA. The superbowl will be there in a few months. the local residents should be used to disruption.

they say what took 6 months will only take 2 next year because they dont have to start from scratch & traffic will flow better because of what theyve learnt this yr. so it seems its here to stay

the reason for all the late sessions is because its was the only way Liberty media could get it on the strip & if ots take it or leave it they obviously took it. because timewise a start of 5-6pm local time would work but anywhere before 7pm would cause too much chaos. & the only 10 hour window they can give is in the evening therefore 7pm - 5am is shoehorned in
The most notable point of this article is not that they got threatened with trespassing, but that they paid $3,000 for a ticket.

****ing losers 🤣

Some fans didn’t even manage to see the short burst of action in the first practice session. A newly-constructed pedestrian bridge to the T-Mobile FanZone underneath the Sphere reportedly failed, forcing fans to take a much longer and congested route through the Venetian Hotel, causing them to miss the start of the session.

🤣 🤣

When the extended FP2 session eventually went ahead, drivers were greeted by nothing but empty grandstands and silence, a far cry from the “unmatched atmosphere at any ticket level” that was promised.

But, with two further days of the weekend to go, some senior figures believe that there is still time for organisers to recover the initiative.

“It’ll probably be one of the most watched Grands Prix we’ve ever had in our sport,” said McLaren CEO Zak Brown. “It’s unfortunate the way we’ve kicked things off.

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