Grand Prix 2021 Styrian and Austrian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

so here we are back at the Styrian GP, obviously so popular in covid 2020 season they brought it back for 2021. lets hope that the sequel is as fun as the original. after very memorable qualifying in heavy rain that made even the most dedicated F1 fan have the reputation heightened because how they kept it on the track when in the spray. they could barely see where there going. was outstanding

now i know what your thinking isnt this double header, just 2 races at the same track & wont we just 2 identical races. but you'd be wrong. because this week the Stryian GP at Former A1 Ring is taking place & next week its the Austrian GP at new Red Bull Ring.

but this is season is shaping up to be a brilliant one. as we have 2 teams equal. i mentioned post France we might have to go back to 2008 & maybe 2010. the last time i enjoyed a season as much as this. because 2018 was good but i never had faith Ferrari could sustain it over a season this Hamilton v Verstappen battle is fantastic to watch. the mind games, momentum swinging from race to race. pressure is only going to increase as the season increases. & it reminds me Hakkinen & Schumacher going blow for blow weekend after weekend. or Alonso v Schumacher. its a shame that lewis is few years younger as i love this rivalry to go on few more years

this title seems massive for both drivers. because it feels like its worth more than 1 title & might be career defining for both drivers. because Hamilton has 7 titles before & verstappen could win 4+ after hamilton retires. but if you win like beating Federer/Serena at Wimbledon, Phil Taylor at darts, Tiger Woods at the masters, Usain Bolt at Olympics. it always means more. because whoever loses will always have a but at the end of their achievements. you may have won ??? titles but he lost to Hamilton/Verstappen in only year when they were challenged

lets hope this weekend lives up to the rest of the season & if the early forecast takes place then we could be in for a very interesting weekend
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It strikes me that last week, Red Bull had hit the sweet spot much better than most of the other teams. This week, the teams were much closer to Verstappen, possibly because they’d had last week to prepare their setups…

This suggests that part of the reason for Red Bull (and Mercedes’) domination is due to outstanding simulation software!
i enjoyed the race more than last week, but id still say 2nd worse race of the season. i do my post in reverse before i get into the meat of the race. Russell its the 1st time ive been able to watch him as he high enough. i thought it was poor start & i thought he was abit over cautious & just got swamped at the start but i dont know if thats a tactic he's always deployed. but overall still outstanding job.

Mercedes must be getting worried, because red bull look like they gone far forward & if spain/paul ricard form doesnt return for britain then it looks curtains. barring reliability already & as i said in the thread starter 2 weeks ago. this would lose the prestige of the 7 titles because people will say that only time he was challenged over a full season he was beaten well. the car does look like its gone backwards, never seen them this "uncompetitive"

im surprised at norris penalty most all because it set a stupid precident. if derek warwick is the driver steward at any other races this season we might as well pack up & go home. because i dont know what upset him but his pedantry was ruining the race. it was like Grosjean in hungary who made 1 of the overtakes of the season, got everyone off the their seat. he got penalised 5 secs for it

for me it was just normal wheel to wheel combat espically on the 1st lap, as everyone knows like albon, if you go around the outside, its the risk you take that you could get pushed off & even weirder when horner on sky sports few mins after called it a racing incident & 1 of those things. so if horner isnt upset why are stewards upset. Perez 1st penalty shouldnt have been given for same reason that norris shouldnt have got it. then if anything the 2nd penalty, Leclerc should shoulder the blame, why is he going around the outside of 6 it was a gap that always closing & he only going to have to yeild into 7. some of these drivers need to learn pull out to avoid the crash than blaming the other driver
got alot of respect for alonso on this & shows how much paddock like russell. i get what he means because he paid by the team to the best he can & you cant let emotions cloud your judgement in sport. you have to be ruthless. but that mustve been a horrible feeling overtaking russell knowing how much it meant to them & how popular it wouldve been

its the same reason why i dont let my younger neices win. because i dont want to lie to them. & when they win which they do, it means more on merit

I think the race also showed both Raikkonen and Vettel need to retire.. that last lap incident was embarrassing for two former world champions let alone rookies


Hamilton - did not deserve to be 4th and knows Mercedes have a lot of work to do to overhaul Red Bull


Ocon- went from man of the moment to suddenly getting an Alonso trouncing what is going on

Ricciardo - the gap to Norris is still huge

Russell - apart from the start he got the best out of the machine but could Williams have gone for two stops and be more aggressive?
I think the race also showed both Raikkonen and Vettel need to retire.. that last lap incident was embarrassing for two former world champions let alone rookies

not sure how you can blame vettel for that as he was driving his own race..Kimi plowed straight in

Raikkonen yes i think Giovinazzi is beginning to start beat to him. & errors are starting to creep in. in Hungarian Gp he will be older than nigel mansell was in Spain 1995. the way media portrayed that made out he was a granddad. for me id replace both id stick F2 champion in to partner Mick Schumacher see how he does in better car & comparison with Russell

Ricciardo - the gap to Norris is still huge
it was also going to be with field spread when 1 starts 14th? & the other starts 2nd. but i think Riccardo has some fantastic races recently but its his qualifying thats really costing him
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F1Brits_90 Vettel did what he always has been doing all his career moving across too early and ends up damaging his car Turkey 2010, Brazil 2019..he does not check his mirrors properly

Raikkonen is definitely getting slower but he drove a normal line without deviating

Ricciardo a good recovery but he is leaving himself too much to do each race
Il_leone for me it looked like Raikkonen drove straight into him.& was being on the inside
They gave the penalty to Raikkonen but Vettel was not fully passed to take the line like I said Vettel has a knack for chopping across abruptly thinking he did a clean pass so I see it as a racing incident which two veterans should have avoided
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