Grand Prix 2019 German Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So onwards we got to what has become the annual Hamilton/Mercedes lap of honour. After victory in his home country was secured Lewis now turns his eyes to a nice bit of PR for his team at the Hockenheimring. The once great Hockenheim is not what it was and isn't the most exciting track in the world (the stadium section is alright I guess) but we should feel lucky to have a German Grand Prix at all really given recent history. Once again we are predicting this will the last race at this circuit and that it will drop off the calendar next year. But as with Silverstone this seems to be said every year. I wouldn't say I would miss the track but not having a German Grand Prix with such German involvement but going to Viet Nam would be beyond mental.

Compeating to come second to Lewis Hamilton this weekend will be Valteri Bottas -just starting his mid-season slump, Charles LeClerc - trying not to become Jean Alesi, Max Verstappen - got his sensational win for the season under his belt, and Sebastian Vettel - coming off the back of his worst run of results in a decade. I can't say I'm that excited about it all but it might be interesting I guess. Mercedes 1-2 all the way.

Midfield is interesting. Gasly needs to jump out of it. Sainz and Norris need to continue the Mclaren revival. Haas need a new car. Renault need some results and George Russell needs to just keep doing what he's doing.

Not the greatest write up I know but I'm afraid life has got in the way - over F1Brits_90 who has some stuff he'd like to add.
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luckily beside the hotel where we got wifi for apartment now, we have a sports bar so got to watch qualifying while family was in pool. besides the speakers in the bar made it sound like everyone was on helium. but at least i know what happens if joe pascqale ever replaces crofty for a race. but it was an odd qualifying alot of strange things. Hamilton & Gasly on bubble in Q1, Kimi many times up in the top 5. Sainz 7th Norris 16th. Red Bull & verstappen i think have got a tremendous chance tomorrow on front row + softer tyre. could easily take Lewis into the 1st corner. but according to 5live F1 preview. its not turbo lag its that the red bull front wing is working so well that honda engine cant deliver the power quickly enough for the new grip

but Ferrari i really feel sorry for, because the famous quote "better lucky than good" but like Bahrain when your rival ie mercedes are both lucky & good. what chance do you have as that mountain just gets steeper. Vettel last competitive lap he crashed while leading comfortably. next competitive lap he gets turbo cooling issue i believe. leclerc he got to be worrying if their is curse on him 5 times hes look huge fav to win (if you include qualy). bad luck as happened at the worst possible time. 1st FP1, 1st FP2, 1st FP3, 1st Q1 & 2nd Q2. never got shot at Pole

didn't stay the post race interviews. because (i support lewis but) he is very predictable as we joked he'd say
- these are best fans
- didnt think we had pace
- so glad i could do this for team at Mercedes home race

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Heheh I could put this in the good news thread or the rant thread. Bet on Vettel didn’t I. The fact that the frivolous fun of the You Bet Game is my biggest concern says it all.

The Ferrari slide continues (not the first season I’ve said this), the bottom may not yet be in sight. Idiots. It stinks. Perhaps they need to find the bottom before making lasting progress. Or soon they won’t matter as much being no. 3 team on the grid.
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BradMan Good to see you again my friend :friends:

You're right Ruslan it should make the race more interesting with the Ferrari drivers out of place, especially if it rains as well.

F1Brits_90 Enjoy your holiday, it looks like you already are ;)

vintly Re your bet, I really mean this, awwwwwww
Right now I'm wondering if another top team would want him with all the mistakes he's made recently. I find it sad to say that about my favourite driver but I'm trying to be realistic. Saying that, he had a dire season in 2014 at Red Bull and then a really good one in 2015 at Ferrari, so maybe a change would do him some good.
i think his reputation gets him another top drive. & it would be great for F1 of he did & if he could compete with lewis in same car would catapult his reputation back up

apparently chucking it down at hockenheim & was reading an article. that when Pirelli were asking for predictions on tyres, they said voyage into the unknown as they have only been used in testing/practice.
What a race, wet on and off, full of incidents and errors with almost enough time behind the safety car to run out of time.

What was that about Vettel being down and looking like a broken man?
I think there are lots of takeaways from the German GP.

  • The cheers were evident when Hamilton and Bottas span off- it seems to me that the Merc board won’t like that at their home race, and may be considering how they get either Vettel or Verstappen into the car.
  • Gasly’s time at Red Bull must almost be up now. As we head to Hungary, where we would expect the Red Bull’s to be very strong, Gasly is nowhere near his team mate.
  • Hamilton may have been affected by his illness. In hindsight, it may have been better to let Ocon race this weekend. (See also, point 1)
  • I know I disagree with most, but I do think that the “new” hockenheim produces some of the best racing on the calendar- it will be a real shame to lose it.
The failure of Mercedes.
Why did they call Hamilton to pit stop with soft when he was on the intermediate faster
than the pursuers on slicks and still had an advantage of more than 30 seconds.
But this result will be plus for competition in the season
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