Grand Prix 2019 German Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So onwards we got to what has become the annual Hamilton/Mercedes lap of honour. After victory in his home country was secured Lewis now turns his eyes to a nice bit of PR for his team at the Hockenheimring. The once great Hockenheim is not what it was and isn't the most exciting track in the world (the stadium section is alright I guess) but we should feel lucky to have a German Grand Prix at all really given recent history. Once again we are predicting this will the last race at this circuit and that it will drop off the calendar next year. But as with Silverstone this seems to be said every year. I wouldn't say I would miss the track but not having a German Grand Prix with such German involvement but going to Viet Nam would be beyond mental.

Compeating to come second to Lewis Hamilton this weekend will be Valteri Bottas -just starting his mid-season slump, Charles LeClerc - trying not to become Jean Alesi, Max Verstappen - got his sensational win for the season under his belt, and Sebastian Vettel - coming off the back of his worst run of results in a decade. I can't say I'm that excited about it all but it might be interesting I guess. Mercedes 1-2 all the way.

Midfield is interesting. Gasly needs to jump out of it. Sainz and Norris need to continue the Mclaren revival. Haas need a new car. Renault need some results and George Russell needs to just keep doing what he's doing.

Not the greatest write up I know but I'm afraid life has got in the way - over F1Brits_90 who has some stuff he'd like to add.
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The driver is always the one who should have the call for what tyres to be put on. The team can then answer if there's something else in the forecast which may lead driver to re-consider options.

Driver: "I think it's good for slicks"
Team: "The forecast says it will rain again in three minutes"
Driver: "OK, I stay out for while"
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