Football 2019 - 20 Football Season

The Handball rule is insane. In a crowded box all a player needs to do now is smash the ball into a players arm and its a penalty.

VAR is the right system but being used completely wrongly.
i worried way back in 2018. i was watching france v denmark. & a penalty was given then i was very worried & said taking deliberate out of handball is very dangerous. because by the law you aim for the hand & certain penalty

but it is hilarious about VAR 1st its made notoriously blinkered & bias football fans. actually say we shouldnt have been given that pen, red card etc. & VAR was brought into stop controversy that was few times a season. but im struggling to remember when last time we had sustained period of this as this 14 months of controversy every week
I don't usually comment (or even read) footy things but a friend has suggested that I should have a word about that down south team losing to a team from a Rugby League city.
football definitely jumped the shark this weekend

var has led to some mad things but that was maddest of the lot Steve Bruce gets 97th min penalty to rescue a point & then berates the referee. for giving his team a penalty

Good for him.

I stopped watching football when diving and rolling around on the floor in agony only to miraculously get up and take a free kick once a foul had been awarded became a thing.

Play a game of rugby.
Then you'll have something to ****ing whinge about.
whereas that is certainly a problem Brogan . i dont mean to come across as nigel farage. but that is issue of foreigners many have lit up the league Henry, Bergkamp, de Bruyne, Aguero Drogba, D Silva. but theyve also brought over the play acting that was rife on the continent

the steve Bruce issue. is that theyve removed the deliberate from deliberate handball. so in effect by the rules opposition player can have his back to you but if you aim it at their hand you get a penalty. which is ridiculous as theyve just legalised cheating
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