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Meanwhile, in the world of FIFA, les excréments frapper le ventilateur! Sepp is being investigated by the Ethics Committee because Bin Hammam says he's smearing. Bin Hammam and King Jack of CONCACAF are being charged with bribery from Uncle Chuck Blazer.

9 of the 22 Executive Committee members have been charged with corruption. David Triesman has accused "Sir" Nicholas Leoz, King Jack and "Don" Ricardo Teixiera of wanting bribes.

Teixiera was the president of Brazilian football in 2000, when Botafago finished in the relegation positions. The CBF decided to send Gama down instead because they were a smaller club. When Gama sued, Teixira decided to destroy the league for a year and expel Gama coming up with the "Copa Joao Havelange", before reuniting the usual league in 2001 with Gama and Botafago still up!

Either way, all organisations have these cretins, and FIFA are just being caught! So the England 2018 bid looks quite good for World Football in the long run!


This is a Shock "fat cashley" and well us in general signing early before the mad horse race, Abeid, Cabaye already signed and likely to have a striker soon. Hope we re-up Barton's contract, really great year on and off the pitch.

Those that have re-upped Nolan, Tiote, Taylor, Krul with just Barton and Enrique left.


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Samir thinks he's worth £110,000 per week, by all accounts. If Arsenal won't pay that, I suspect he'll find someone who will.
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