Grand Prix 2018 Italian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

RasputinLives and Dartman thanks for your nice words

Regarding Monza and whether it would be feasible to use the banking in the future I think that it's a matter of safety. I don't have an engineering background but I fear that with the current cars it wouldn't be safe, on the one hand you have to consider that if they were supposed to race both the current road track as well as the banking section the cars would have to run with a very low drag configuration, so they would be very difficult in parts of the existing track and on the other hand let's assume for a second that they could achieve speed in excess of 350 kph, at those speeds the cars create a lot of turbulence and so it would be nigh on impossible to keep close to the car in front. Also I assume that if you were in the slipstream of a car travelling at 350 kph (assuming that in very turbulent air with not much downforce you can still drive you car something which I doubt), my fear is that at the very moment in which you move of out the slipstream of the car in front, ie you move into less turbulent air, you would hit a brick wall of air and unsettle their car. All this to say that I'd love to see racing on the banking but with today's cars it would be suicidal, unless they ban every aero device (or they come up with cars with comparatively little downforce like Indycars and run only on the banking)

Having said that I wish a merry Xmas to everyone :goodday:
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