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Great race. What a come back from Lewis. Seb pounding the steering wheel was hilarious.
8/10 + 1 for a Lewis win #loveconquersall #blessed

Thought long and hard, not really sure what I want from F1 these days but can only give it a 7. I think it's because of the fact that Ferrari made Kimi move over for Seb and then Mercedes stopped any possibility of a fighting end to the race. Get rid of the championships and let each race be race not something organised in the pits by the teams.
6. I was watching on holiday and couldn't figure out the TV, so was watching on my laptop. It got better when my cousin turned on the projector :)
I've changed my vote to a 5 after that appaling stewards decision. That was the second incident involving Hamilton in the weekend which could have had serious consequences and neither resulted in punishment.
9. When F1 is like this, you wish all races were staged at Sepang in the monsoon season. Watching the drivers tiptoeing down into the hairpin and not being able to go slowly enough is a delight.
8 - a very entertaining afternoon.


Let's calm ourselves down a little over Hamilton's win from 14th.

He's got a car that's clearly top 4. The race leader crashes out causing a safety car that bunched the field. The team stuffed his teammates pit stop up and then tells same teammate not to attack. Finally he escaped a penalty for something which has cost others time in past.

A strong drive yes but not that awesome when all is said and done.
An 8. This one was entertaining, and you didn't actually know who was going to end up where until the end. Still, Hamilton was gifted his first place due to team orders. This spoiled what otherwise could have been an exciting duel at the end, not I really blame Mercedes for doing this.

I sort of lost track what was happening with the Renaults, Haas and Force India. I don't think the commentators did a good job is keeping track of that fight (and I still miss David Hobbs and Steve Matchett, who really did do a better job).
9 - unexpected adn entertaining. Although on reflection losing a mark for team orders would've been better, so an 8 in retrospect.
9 - for me Vettel crashing to a stunned silence in front of his fans who were cheering and going mad yesterday is priceless. The loudest cheers came from Verstappen fans !
Really quick Greenlantern101 thanks.
I gave it. 8
Because of the team orders.

And the wheel-to-wheel fight on the race's restart over several turns-is that a Mercedes command order too?
And do you remember something close to similar struggle in a Ferrari for last some years?
Strange after that to hear charges towards Mercedes and it after that number of duels
which occurred in this team in spite of the fact, they any more the first year fight for the championship.
And given how many points have already been lost this year, despite a tight fight with Ferrari...
I gave it a 5, it wasn't a bad race as such, though Vettel crashing sucked as far as I was concerned. The spin Leclerc had and the way he carried on was impressive, shame they ruined his race with that gamble on the inters.

What really annoyed me was the stewards letting Hamilton off with a reprimand after Kimi got a penalty in Baku the other year for the same thing! I just don't understand how they can be so inconsistent on these things!
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