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Ive been compiling a quiz for everyone. based on the F1 season some question nicked off crofty facts & some off my own knowledge, there is 21 questions for 21 races of 2018 Season some questions have 1 point some 2. & its a different quiz as well because it is all but impossible to score 0 on it, as I guarantee every one will score 1+ :D

Have fun everyone

Who became world champion in 2018
Lewis Hamilton (see told you impossible to score 0)

Name the Podium In Australia
Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen

Which driver took the 1st 3 poles of the 2018 season
Seb Vettel

Both Title rivals in 2017 & 18 Hamilton & Vettel became only 3rd & 4th drivers to achieve a century of podiums. Who are the other 2 (1/2 point for each)
Alain Prost & Michael Schumacher

Who in Bahrain grabbed the most unlikeliest of 4th place. Defying odds on our youbet game of 3000/1 to get an EW payout
Pierre Gasly

How many different winners did we have in 2018. (point for number & point for the Drivers)
5 - Hamilton Raikkonen Vettel Riccardio & Verstappen

What 2 things have never happened in F1 history until this year (point for each)
Every driver scored points & every driver contested every race

Despite Haas having a very strong start to season qualifying 4th & 5th in Australia. When Did Grosjean finally score his 1st points of season
Austria 4th (albeit a lap down)

What Record previously held by Eddie Irvine did Max Verstappen surpass in mexico
Most wins without having on pole (Max - 5/ Irvine - 4)

How many drivers that weren't In a Red bull Mercedes or Ferrari stood on the podium this season
Once - Perez in Baku

Alonso whitewashed Vandoorne 21-0 in qualifying, 26 if you include 2017. last time a driver whitewashed a team mate was back in 2008. who was the Unfortunate driver
Nelson Piquet Jr

Been a Merry go round for drivers this season, biggest for many years. but how many drivers will drive same car in 2019 as in 2018
5 - 8 - 10

What was ironic About Hamilton & Vettels Home Grand Prix's
The title rivals won each other home races with Vettel at Silverstone & Lewis at Hockenheim

In China Race was turned on its head as Teammates crashed into each other bringing out the Safety car. who were the teammates
Pierre Gasly & Brendan Hartley

Alonso is Leaving us for pastures new in 2019, but when did Alonso take the chequered flag for the final time
2013 Spanish GP

Riccardio had shocking reliability this season, but how many race did he retire from (1pt, but extra 1 if name 4, 2 if you can name all DNF's)
8 - Bahrain, Baku, Austria, Germany, Italy, Beligium, USA & Mexico

Despite Having a teammate that won world title & car that won the constructors, Bottas became the 1st Mercedes Driver to be winless since what year

Vettel was victorious in Canada, ended a Ferrari drought but when was the last Ferrari last won at circuit Gilles Villeneuve & who (point for each)
2004 & Micheal Schumacher

1 of the huge talking point towards the back of the season, was Ocon & Verstappen collision. but 28 yrs ago Lapped Satoru Nakajima, took out who from the lead of the race
Ayrton Senna

Why was Verstappen victory at the Red Bull Ring, significant
The 1st time a Red Bull car had been victorious at the Red Bull Ring

Top 3 have been utterly dominant, so much we've had a unofficial B team championship, what year & what team , were the last team to lead a grand prix, that wasnt Mercedes Ferrari or Red Bull (point for each)
2015 - Williams
Thanks although annoyed despite proof reading still got mistakes

as Satoru Nakajima question should be but 28 yrs ago at the 1990 Brazilian GP Lapped Satoru Nakajima, took out who from the lead of the race :givemestrength:
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