Pre-GP Quiz 2018 Bahrain post GP pre-GP quiz


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Apologies for this being late, very busy in the FB household at the mo. Here's some teasers to get your brains around.

1. To start you off gently, there are two drivers on the current grid who took part in the first race in 2004. One point if you can name them both, nothing for just one.

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

2. What year did the first night race take place in Bahrain?


3. From what I can work out only one corner has a name, which one and who is it named after (I'll let you have half points if you get either one this time)?

Turn one is named after Michael Schumacher

4. What year was the GP cancelled due to unrest?


5. Can anyone forget the "excitement" that was the 2010 race on the endurance circuit. Why was this circuit used?

It was to celebrate F1's "Diamond Jubilee". Not much to celebrate was their?

6. Who took the first pole of their career at Bahrain in 2017?

Old big 'ed 'imself, Valterri Bottas

7. What was special about the pole winner and the car in 2009?

It was the last pole both Toyota and Jarno Trulli ever won - half points are avaiable just for remebering that he managed pole let alone the reason why it was unusual

8. Pastor Maldonado had one of his more notable incidents at Bahrain in 2014, flipping another car upside down. Who was driving the other car?

Kermit himself, Estaban Guitierrez

9. Back on the pole winners, what was special about 2008?

It was the only ever pole for a BMW Sauber and Robert Kubica - half a point for either

10. What bizzare event occured in 2012 and again in 2013?

Paul di Resta led 1 lap in 2012 and 3 laps in 2013 for Force India. The only 4 laps he has ever led in F1

Hope there is enough gimme's to keep Angry from Scotland happy ;)
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While not bizarre thing itself, I was thinking that the answer is that two races had same podium in the same order.
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