Pre-GP Quiz 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Podium Finisher
The Grand Prix which has been held one and the circuit having to host two races. So it's not ideal ground for history questions.

1. How many countries starting with A have hosted a Grand Prix?
Four - Argentina, Australia, Austria and Azerbaijan
2. Azerbaijan gained independence on August 30, 1991. Who won the following Grand Prix after that?
Nigel Mansell, at Monza
3. Previous race held on April 29 was Spanish Grand Prix 2001. Famously who won the race and who retired from the lead on the final lap?
Michael Schumacher won after Mika Häkkinen retired. Half a point for each.
4. More on 2001. Which five-time Grand Prix winner had died four days before Spanish Grand Prix?
Michele Alboreto
5. When Baku hosted the race in 2016, it was known as European Grand Prix. When was previous European Grand Prix held and where?
Valencia 2012
6. Which driver was 2nd in qualifying, only to lose front row spot due to penalty?
Sergio Perez
7. Which team saw both its drivers to retire during the 2016 race?
Toro Rosso
8. Daniel Ricciardo was shortly overtaken by one driver (A) in the final restart of 2017, then proceeded to take him back as well as two other drivers (B, C). Half a point for A, one quarter of point of B and C.
A was Nico Hülkenberg, B&C were Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa
9. Was the gap between Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll over or under 0,1 seconds at the finish in 2017?
Over - 0,105 seconds
10. How many drivers did not complete a lap in top 10 during the 2017 race?
Three - Kvyat (11th at best), Vandoorne (11th), Palmer (15th)
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