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And so we enter the final phase of the 2017 season and we are now at the point where the points leading driver can win the title should his rival finish lower than a certain position (in this case, 4th I believe). It just so happens that we arrive at a track where the Mercedes team have always ran well having won the last 3 races held there. Also, of the 5 races held to date, Hamilton has won 4 of them and his title rival Sebastian Vettel the other.

Quite why Ferrari have managed to implode in the second half of the season remains to be seen. Kimi hasn't really been in the races all year and Seb seems to be losing the plot at every opportunity. The increasing speed, reliability and confidence from the Red Bull camp has not helped matters but any hope of this season being a close two way battle between Vettel and Hamilton disappeared a long time ago. Only a monumental disaster could stop Hamilton from winning the title now.

As for the track, its always been a popular one with drivers, teams and fans and to be honest definitely rates as one of the least worst 'Tilkedromes'. Turn one has given us some exciting moments in previous races and Nico Rosberg credits Hamilton's wide elbows in 2015 for giving him the drive to take the 2016 title as he vowed not to let a driver do that to him again. The remainder of the track contains a few nods to various circuits around the world.

The thorn in Mercedes side at the last few races has been Red Bull and they will be waiting to pounce should they get the chance of a run at the Mercedes cars.

You know that F1 is in something of a state when outside of the top 6 the odds of another car winning a race have been quoted by some book makers as 1000/1. There are many squabbles throughout the midfield with those all important points bringing home an extra few million dollars. With the departure of Jolyon Palmer from Renault all eyes will be on Carlos Sainz to see if he can get closer to Hulkenberg. Meanwhile back at Sainz's old team, Daniel Kyvat is set to make his latest comeback to racing.

Can Hamilton win the title here then?
I'm going no. He'll win but Vettel will be 2nd.

I reckon I'm in the minority here but I find the Austin track a bit meh. I Don't think it has any character at all.
A late one. 8pm is past my bedtime.

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I'm on holiday but it's being shown live on Channel 4 so I may actually get around to watching a race live for the first time in months.
I reckon I'm in the minority here but I find the Austin track a bit meh. I Don't think it has any character at all.

It's another one of those tracks where they thought, 'Ah, lets take parts of other tracks that'll make it interesting'. I'm afraid it doesn't work that way.
There's a good chance Hammy will take the title here, given the problems Ferrari seem to be creating for themselves. All I hope for is a better race than Japan :sleeping:
I'm going to watch all of the scheduled broadcasts that will be shown this weekend....even P3 with commentary. The 2012 U.S Grand Prix was one of the best, and most exciting battles between Lewis and Sebastian that they've had during their F1 careers. Hopefully another good race this weekend, is in the making between those two. With a similar result that occurred in 2012, which will just do me fine.

All in all those two seem to get along fine. Even when arguing about Sebastian nearly killing some birds going into turn one, during the Canadian GP.

Mercedes and Hamilton have owned this track the last 3 years and the race is like a second home to Lewis . Sorry I don't see anyone get near him . He loves the track and is at his best currently
I'm going no. He'll win but Vettel will be 2nd.

I reckon I'm in the minority here but I find the Austin track a bit meh. I Don't think it has any character at all.

Having driven on the Austin race track, I find it is one of the best race tracks in the world. I love the blind apex at the top of the hill, the esses (turns three to six are fantastic, and the continuation through turn 9, and the whole section from turns 13-20 is quite technical.

I have driven a lot of race tracks, and I have only done about fifteen laps at COTA, but COTA to me is the one that is burned into my memory because its so special.
Like I said I thought I was in the minority. Could have just been the races I've watched rather than the track. I'll watch it next weekend with an open mind :thumbsup:
Hammy's unlikely to win the WDC at Austin, but the sooner the better because it's in the bag already. It annoys me that Ferrari's ineptitude (oh alright and Vettel's poor choice of driving style off the line at Singapore) means that the fizz has gone from the season.

I look forward to the race as I would any GP, but only really to witness Hammy's greatness on Saturday, and Max's efforts on Sunday. The start will be exciting as always, but even if Vettel pips Hammy to the win, or even outscores him by 10 points it won't change anything. I actually hope Ferrari implode further, just out of spite. It'll make for good TV if their garage falls to bits, the cars fail to start and Maurizzio Arriverderci slips on a banana skin in the paddock and rips his trousers. Serve them right for depriving Me of My Fun, messing up Vettel's title chances and not giving interviews. Sod 'em.
Gasly will be contesting the final round of the Japanese Superprix formula so will miss next weeks US GP. There's no news yet as to who his replacement will be.

Jolyon Palmer anyone??
Gasly to miss Austin F1 race for Super Formula

Tost is keen to 'run another driver to weigh up the options for next season' so I'm saying no to Palmer.

I have no clue. Who has a super licence? Alexander Rossi maybe?

Edit - the obvious choice is of course Buemi but if they are 'considering' for next year it won't be him as Buemi is already committed to a two full programmes elsewhere.
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The only driver, other than Hamilton who has won the USGP is Vettel and that was back in 2013. Hamilton will win and grab the title. Better will byte the dust and Ferrari will go back to the drawing board to find out what went wrong. With Red Bull closing in on Mercedes, I can see next year a bit the same as this one, except Red Bull dominating
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