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Alonso finally puts a lap on and goes third.

Hamilton commented that the new cars may be so hard on drivers that they may get overtired. Massa has not commented so far as he is too busy putting laps in.


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Formula 1 can't return to V10/V12 - Todt

This sounds like complete nonsense to me.

If he thinks the current rules foster competition, you have to wonder what series he has been watching the last three years. I also think such a switch would have cost savings benefits, as the power train would,IMO, be MUCH less expensive. As for "society not accepting such a change": how many of you would rebel if that change came about?

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The public don't care about CO2 when it comes to a racing series- not least as it has been carbon neutral since the early 2000s...but they do want to see cars that can race, teams to survive the season, and lots of competition.

What works on the road is not the same as what works on the track!


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I Don't understand after the two previous years what he expected. It's been quite clear it's going to take years for Mclaren to get back to competitive again (like it did Williams) so there was never going to be a magic jump to the front.

The whole Alonso situation is an odd one. It's clear Mclaren are not going to be able to give him a car for a title challenge before he retires. Which means his only chance at a title challenge is being good enough in a crappy Mclaren to tempt a front team to sign him up (which by the way he's doing). However he ruins all that by consistently slagging the team off in the media and making him the most unattractive driver to sponsors and teams.

Please go and drive WEC Fernando. Would love to see you do something fresh.


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If McLaren aren't careful they are going to be relegated to GP2 next year.

You say that but i joked on Mclaren thread. Looking forward to the Australian GP weekend when alonso shouts
"GP3 ENGINE" >:(:bawl:

But i got to admit honda have no sympathy from me because think about it, honda have now had 3 years to sort out this engine & it apparently only just better than 2015. mercedes had the same time create 1 of the most dominant engines that F1 has seen as apparently as soon as it was announced in mid 2011 V6 engines would be taking place in 2014 mercedes move alot of resources straight away, to be honest i think Mclaren would probably be better off with 2014 mercedes engine right now, as at least they make a be able to do a full stint on the tyres
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Honda have taken a massive step backwards this season, as they have basically tried to copy the Mercedes architecture, but have not had 6 years on the dyno to get there (it's probably more like 4 months with different specifications).

The 2017 Honda Engine is in a similar position to the 2015 Honda engine, but, the advantage that they now have is that the engine does not have completely flawed architecture, so may be in a position to catch up a little.
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