Pre-Season 2017 Testing, Car Launches & Chat


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Just 117 days until the first race LOL

Figure we need a thread to chat about the upcoming season, testing, the new cars, car launches if that happens etc. So here it is.

I'm actually excited to see the new cars on the fat tyres. Hoping they look a bit retro. Fingers crossed for Merc to screw things up over the winter to give us a more balanced 2017 :)


February 27-March 2: Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya
March 7-10: Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya


March 26: Melbourne, Australia

I hope we get proper car launches this year and it's not just opening the garage at the first test.
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They gave up on proper launches years ago.

I remember McLaren lifted the covers off their car outside a building in Germany a few years back but I don't remember much else.

In one of my Lotus books they mention that the team had enough funds in 1993 to have a launch bash for the Type 107 at the Dorchester hotel. Now those were the days.
And here's a picture:

Weren't many of the car launches, in days of yore, after the machine had already spent many hours thrashing round a track so the team knew whether it was worth making a song and dance (!) about it?

I miss the days when the teams used to finish building their new cars in the pit lane at the first race of the season. I recall both McLaren and Lotus having to do this in the 70's and 80's.
Sadly, they've gone completely overboard on the starting after the safety car Titch. You are right that they will now do a standing start when the track is deemed dry enough to start safely but they will also be standing starts after every safety car period.

OMG that's daft. That will really change things. I suppose it will spice a dull race up a bit, though. Good starts are a must for the drivers now.
We could see a few clutches going pop if there are three or four restarts.

On the number thing, do we think Rosberg will take the No. 1? I was very disappointed that Hamilton felt that his 44 "brand" was more important than the heritage of F1.
Ive only just realised something this morning, that we are nearly coming up for nearly a decade since the last time, f1 didn't have a English or German world champ with finnish Kimi after Hamilton Button Vettel Vettel Vettel Vettel Hamilton Hamilton Rosberg
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