Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Singapore Grand Prix


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So, to the original and ultimate night race. Best of luck.

1. Last year, Nico Rosberg won at both Monza and Singapore. Who was the last to achieve such a double?

Lewis Hamilton in 2014, the year of the Rosberg manual pitstop.

2. 2014 was surprisingly the last time Mercedes started one and two in Singapore. Which two drivers have appeared on a front row in a non-silver car since?

Sebastian Vettel, pole in 2015; Daniel Ricciardo, second both years.
Half points for each

3. Red Bull are the only constructor to win consecutive races at Marina Bay. Which constructor is the only one to have consecutive fastest laps?

Red Bull

4. The 2010 Summer Youth Olympics took place at The Float, a floating platfrom moored between which two corners of the Marina Bay circuit?

17 and 18 (17 being Piquet corner, 18 the one under the stand).

5. The closing ceremony was held three days before the Belgian Grand Prix. Which driver scored his last podium at Spa in 2010?

Robert Kubica, 3rd for Renault.

6. Singapore is "usually" followed by Suzuka, but is currently followed by Sepang. Which other two circuits have been directly after the Singapore Grand Prix in the calendar?

Fuji in 2008, and Yeongam in 2013. Half point each

7. Which driver drove six Singapore Grands Prix with these results:

Mark Webber

Perez usually draws a Safety Car in Singapore. :popcorn:
I’m pretty sure Perez has brought a safety car out at every single Singapore Grand Prix he has raced at.

How many times has Perez failed to finish the Singapore Grand Prix?
He has never failed to finish at Singapore, or outside the points.
That's not to say he's not brought out the Safety Car though...

9. Theoretically, the championship top six can still be champions. With 175 points to play for, how many points is Max Verstappen behind?

170. Good luck, Max!
Have half a point for anything between 166 and 174.

10. At only one other circuit has Daniel Ricciardo thrice mounted the podium but never won. Where?

He has three podiums with a win at Hungaroring and (strangely) Spa.
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