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1. When was the first international Grand Prix in Russia?
7 Jun 1913

2. In what city hosted the first Grand Prix in Russia?
near St. Petersburg on the 30-km closed tetragon

3. Which car was the winner of the first Grand Prix in Russia?
Benz 29/60PS 4 cyl.

4. What brands of cars that participated in the first two Grand Prix in Russia, kept their names in our days?
1913 – Vauxhall, Opel

1914 – Vauxhall, Buick

5. What connects winner's cars of the Grand Prix in Russia in XX and in XXI century?
Benz & Cie. (Benz & Company Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik) - the German company, founded in 1883 by Karl Benz. 28 Jun 1926, after the merger with Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, the Daimler-Benz AG, was created new brand Mercedes-Benz.

6. Guess who designed the route of the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi?
Herman Tilke

7. What was on the starting grid in Sochi, before there began the construction of the circuit?

8. What is the power of earthquakes, from which was projected the building of autodrome in Sochi?
Magnitude 9

9. What is the average speed on the circuit of the autodrome in Sochi showed the winner triathlon IronStar ?
36 km/h

10. What is the record average speed lap of the circuit in Sochi at the moment?
220 km/h (lap time – 1:35.337)

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