1. olegg

    Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Russia Grand Prix Quiz

    From Russia with... auto-love QUIZ 1. When was the first international Grand Prix in Russia? 2. In what city hosted the first Grand Prix in Russia? 3. Which car was the winner of the first Grand Prix in Russia? 4. What brands of cars that participated in the first two Grand Prix in...
  2. Speshal

    Grand Prix 2017 Russia Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

    As the Formula One circus shakes the Bahraini sand from it's shoes it heads to Russia for the 6th running of the Russian Grand Prix. Held for the last 3 years on the streets of Sochi the circuit wends it's way around the 5.9Km long Sochi Autodrom which was built as part of the 2014 Winter...
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