Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Mexican Grand Prix


Podium Finisher
1. Which two Mexican drivers entered the first championship round in 1963?
Pedro Rodriguez and Moises Solana. Half a point for each.
2. For which entity the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix didn't give its first win: driver, constructor, engine, tyre manufacturer or country?
Country. The winner was Richie Ginther, driving for Honda on Goodyear tyres
3. Did Denny Hulme clinch the drivers' title in Mexico City in 1967?
Yes he did. Clinched by the virtue of Jack Brabham not winning the race, Hulme confirmed it by finishing 3rd.
4. In which year the Mexican Grand Prix was held at the latest time of the year?
1968. Half a point for being a year off.
5. Which world champion ended his career in 1970 Mexican Grand Prix?
Jack Brabham
6. Which driver took the win in 1986 when F1 circus returned to Mexico?
Gerhard Berger took the first victory for himself and Benetton
7. Which driver had a massive accident in practice of 1988 event, miracolously climbing out unhurt?
Philippe Alliot
8. From what place on the grid did Alain Prost win the 1990 event?
9. Who achieved his first podium in 1992?
None other than Michael Schumacher!
10. Three of four non-finishers (Alonso, Räikkönen, Vettel) were world champions last year. But who was the fourth?
Felipe Nasr
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