Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Italian Grand Prix

Jos the Boss

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It's post race but you get the idea, we don't have a prefix for that one!

1. The big news is that Jenson Button was retiring, or something vaguely related, but does he have more 2nd place finishes at Monza or at Singapore?

Monza, of course, 3 to 2

2. Lewis Hamilton is still one away from 50 wins, but on the day of his hero Ayrton Senna's 49th Grand Prix podium, who started a record number of races?

Riccardo Patrese, starting GP number 200

3. What record of Nico Hulkenberg came to an end after Monza?

Changing Championship positions after every round

4. How many fastest laps does Fernando Alonso have?


5. Who has more fastest laps, Fernando Alonso or Juan Manuel Fangio?

Alonso has 22, Fangio has 23!

6. Nico Rosberg took his 21st Grand Prix win, but what record was broken when he took his first race?

HRT started their 39th race, meaning they set the record for most Grand Prix starts without a win

7. Before Nico Rosberg, who took the last win for car number 6?

Mark Webber

8. Where and when was said win?

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

9. On the topic of numbers, which team has the highest sum of all driver numbers?


10. What do these numbers total?

Haryanto 88+ Ocon 31 + Wehrlein 94= 213. They would be third in the World Championship!

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