Pre-GP Quiz 2016 German Grand prix Quiz


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Confused? Yes it’s very early. But I’m going on holiday at the end of this week, so…

Question 1
The German Grand Prix was dropped from the calendar last year the first time since 1960. Why?
Bernie, trying to screw money out of a traditional track that had little money to give. No money, no race.

Question 2
Nico won the last race in 2014. Half a point each for the 2 other podium finishers.
2nd Bottas and 3rd Hamilton

Question 3
Video round: This is Hockenheim 2014. For 1/4 a point each. Who is crashing? Why? What corner? What session?

Hamilton, disc brake failure, Sachs Kurve, qualifying

Question 4
Ralf Schumacher had 1 of his 6 wins at the 'German Grand Prix'. What year?
2001. (2003 doesn’t count that was the European Grand Prix)

Question 5
Ferrari have the most wins at 22 for the German Grand Prix. Williams and Mercedes are joint 2nd, but with how many wins?

Question 6
Picture round: Identify these 4 French winners from the 1980’s for 1/4 point each
picture round.jpg

Patrick Tamby, Jacques Laffite, Rene Arnoux, Alain Prost

Question 7
The lap record for Hockenheim was set by Kimi in a McLaren with a 1.13.78 but in which year?

Question 8
Hockenheimring famously claimed the life of one of the all time greats in 1968 during a Formula 2 race. Who am I talking about?
Jim Clark

Question 9
Which major river is just 5 km from the Hockenheimring?

Question 10
Other than Nico and Sebby which German driver was the last to win at Hockenheim?
Michael Schumacher

How did you do?
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