Pre-Season 2016 Car Launches and Testing.


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Less than a month until the first test where I suspect most of the launches will happen. This is barring Sauber who have already announced they 'didn't expect it all to start so soon' and 'can someone help them take down their Christmas tree' and 'oh my god we have so much stuff to do.'

Pre-season testing
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona - 22-25 February
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona - 1-4 March

Car launches
Ferrari - 19th February (now confirmed as live stream)
Haas - 21 February
Force India - 22nd February
Renault - 3rd Feb
McLaren - 21 February
Mercedes - TBC
Red Bull - 22nd February (livery launch 17th Feb)
Sauber - 1 March
Toro Rosso - TBC
Williams - 22 February
Manor - 22 February
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Haas to unveil 2016 F1 car at Barcelona test

Computer rendering released by HAAS

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I'm guessing it (the Red Bull livery) will be very similar to the livery when they went down the ski slope.
The Renault Sport F1 Team? Looks like that name change went through on a nod and a wink without the traditional 'are they a new entrant or purchasing an existing entrant' discussion that goes on each year followed by the 'They'll require a vote from every team on the sporting council before they can change their name.....'
I guess maybe all that was sorted during the palava about whether they could claim extra money for being a "historic" team, or whatever it's called.

The livery is supposedly just an interim one for testing, so hopefully the race livery will be a bit more colourful.
I really hope they change that livery. Even Infiniti's purple will blend with the Renault yellow better than did the ING baby sick colour scheme.
I'm not quite sure where the notion of "good old days" when it comes to F1 car launches ever came from, because they were never there in the first place? there was just a period around the 2010's when some teams for a while hit on the notion of a high-publicity launch to unveil their new cars. It was just a period that lasted a few years until everyone got bored of it and it all seems to have returned to normal.

I don't remember ever seeing any kind of big-publicuty launches in the old days at all? Pics of new cars would be communicated to the press a week or two before its first testing session and that was it. It was always pretty much low-key, no big fanfare or anything...
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