Pre-Season 2016 Car Launches and Testing.

I think Williams will be behind Ferrari and Force India/Toro Rosso will start the season close to Red Bull.

Based on a more detailed analysis I read, this appears to be the case, with Williams being in the mix with Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Force India. Renault are only a little further back, with McLaren and Sauber doing their own thing further back still. Ferrari also looked closer to Mercedes than they were last season, with the pair being a long way ahead of the midfield squabble. Ref:

2016 Preseason Form Guide
At last, the Renault livery.
Me likey.


Which is the race car, the really good looking, clean lined design in the top picture or the less good looking, 'Walrus tusk' nosed version in the lower picture? They look like two different cars.

On second thoughts, it's bound to be the lower car.
Good point. The top picture looks like it was from the official launch today. Maybe the second was a rendering of an earlier version?
Not sure why they've got the name of a 60s American singer on the side of the nose either.
If they flipped the colours and made the black bits yellow and the yellow bits black that would be much better.

I was thinking at the time that it was a good job that we were not talking about the McLaren at the time, they would have given the task to 2 separate people. The first would have made the black bits yellow, the second would have made all the yellow bits black. Leading to a vehicle chromaticised in an anthracitic hue, in totality.

I like the yellow. its not dull.
Like the Renault livery this year, but would love it better if they had the driver numbers in the style of the old digital clock ala the 80's.
I thought that this weekends McLaren launch was very successful. McLaren have put together a very sturdy machine.

It was also good of them to show us every component individually.
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