Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Canadian Grand Prix


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1. Max Verstappen backed up winner in Spain with a crash in Monaco. How did previous youngest winner Vettel do at the next race.

Win, podium, points, outside or DNF?

Points! (5th)

2. Gilles Villeneuve became the only Canadian to win in Canada in 1978. Which driver was runner-up, and also the only driver from his nation to win at home?

Jody Scheckter, the only South African winner anywhere

3. Lewis Hamilton (#44) won his 44th race in Monaco. Which other driver's current F1 car number equals his number of race wins?
Dan Ricciardo (#3).

4. Hamilton this remains the only driver to win in all of his seasons of F1. Which other driver has scored wins in exactly 10 consecutive years?

Alain Prost (1981-90)

5. Hamilton has won 4 times in Canada. Schumacher win 7. Which other driver has won in Canada 3 times?

Nelson Piquet

6. Footwork scored one point at Montreal, in 1995. Which driver?

Gianni Morbidelli

7. The youngest podium ever in Canada was HAM/GRO/PER. In which year?


8. Who is the only driver to score points in all 6 races this far?

Felipe Massa

9. Which was the last year that two drivers both recorded 7th places in the same season for Mercedes?

2013 - Ham at Abu Dhabi, Ros at Yeongam

10. Who is the only non-British driver to win in Canada in a year ending with 6?

Fernando Alonso (2006). Others were Hill, Mansell and Hunt. [/spoilers]
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