Football 2016-2017 Season and beyond

i thought for a neutral very entertaining game. Bristol city played very well more 1st half than the 2nd half individual brilliance from weimann. the 2nd was a great stretching finish & 3rd was quality goal

1st half we started well but the weirdly taking the lead was the worst thing we could do, we just weren't ourselves whether it was nerves of seeing finish line too early or the occasion pressure of 1st 30000 attendance in a few years what that comes with it. because the players were out of character started playing safe, were error strewn & generally nervous trying to hold on to a lead until you equalised then we finally stopped parking the bus & got into the opposition half.

2nd half was far better, it was more like blades im used to being on top, attacking creating chances. from our point of view it dodgy as defensive organisation which was probally down to Jack o'connell injury, most sensible utd fans knew never going to be straight forward. 7 days to go there many twists/turns to come it will still go down to the final day

good to bristol city in their play off push cider_and_toast i just hope its not us in 6 weeks in playoffs
And the Women's World Cup starts today, who's looking forward to it? England versus Scotland on Sunday.
Ill be watching as always support England, womens football isn't that bad I went to the league cup final as it was at bramall lane & my niece wanted to go back in February. it was entertaining but if I had to say 1 thing the decision making wasn't what I was used to & is the difference between a good player & a great one

I remember the 2015 world cup & a measure of how great they were, as when that last minute own goal went in at 1am I was just as gutted as if mens had lost same way
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