Football 2016-2017 Season and beyond

why not as i really enjoyed the last promotion party LOL

just in shock currently we are THIRD without quoting Taylor Swift never in my wildest dreams did i have in top 6 nevermind 3rd 1pt off auto promotion when bookies had us 14th preseason. majority of blades wouldve snapped your hand off for that in may

i was in the chip queue before derby county (cider_and_toast on bit of a tangent if your coming to lane on 9th december a trip to man friday is a must 1 of best chip shop outside of a football ground in country)

i was been happy with 12pts before the next international break as games worried me with Derby H Sunderland A Norwich H Wednesday A Wolves H & Forest A. thought 18pts from 1st 11 games would be a great return back to the championship considering who we have played. so to have 9 pts still with 4 games left. positively stunned for a 1st time, im used to being stunned after sheff utd games but normally negatively under previous managers with losses v hartlepool, shrewsbury, bury, gillingham or fleetwood. like are really that dreadful
More than happy with our start to the season. Only 1 defeat and sitting quite happily in 12th. I'll take that now.

We are looking much harder to break down this season and a lot more resilient. We need to be much sharper in front of the goal. Our 5 million pound striker has yet to work out where the onion bag is but I'm sure he'll get there. One of the highlights so far is the managers decision to convert one of our midfielders into more of a strike role and so far he's banged 6 in.
unbelievable day. which for the neutral seemed to very entertaining game agony for me. when 2nd went in, i couldnt believe my ears. as abit like England v Wales at euro, we shouldnt have any where near that team on paper & when i saw the 2 lineup confidence drained out of me but the fa cup has become the greatest cup competition because its played on grass not paper

i always at these highs of this quote from James Allison This sport is mainly misery so the good days & when get an incredible rush makes it all worth while."



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just realised cider_and_toast its the CTA derby live on sky on friday. although i think you got us a good we are feeling effects of the injury problems as we have 4 full backs & 3 of them have been out for while leaving us defensively exposed with cb at rwb & stearmans 1st game back conceding 5 & 3 in 2 of last. Coutts injury has huge blow because he makes the midfield tick as he has excelled under wilder

but rumours are that wilder has torn the players a new one & was absoultely furious. made Maurizio Arrivabene meeting Sergio Marchoino post Singapore gp seem like tea with the queen so maybe will get a reaction & with baldock back. we will have proper rb for 1st time in a month >:(:spank:
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It should be a cracking match. We have some serious injury problems as well but for the first time in a while, we have a squad that can pick up the baton. We played some sublime football against Boro today so we are on good form.
football is so frustrating at times :bangfists:.>:(

i cant believe we lost that game. in infamous words of david lloyd / bumble v zimbabwe "we flipping murdered them & they know it" we should have been at least 1 up never mind 3 or 4. we hit woodwork 4 times, 1 off line, few close over bar, your keeper made a few world class saves, shouldve had 2nd half penalty & with 2nd attack you score on stoke of half time

but i learnt very early on in champ. you have to capitalise on the pressure or you will get punished
Mate, I did feel a bit sorry for you because you did play well while we didn't play any where as near as good as we can.

We defended hard and our first goal while against the run of play, was a beauty.

The game swung back our way with the sending off but even then you still came at us hard with sone great attacking football. You can't argue with the red, both feet off the ground and no control. I was a bit disappointed with your fans chanting 'cheat' at Korey as he went off clearly in pain. He has a gashed ankle and we a desperate to know how long one of our best midfielders may be out for.

Overall, we got lucky and you were by far the better side for much of the game but we have a resolve this season that's not been there for a while and one of the hardest working back fours in the league. It was just enough to see us through.
you have to realistic about these things. its a certain red card no complaints from me you cannot leave the ground with 2 footed challenge you are asking for a red card. if i had seen that on match of the day wouldve said absoulte no brainer. but twitter is certainly overreacting over john fleck. not the worse tackle in football ive seen far worse & these people never watched Keane or Vieira play

ive thought since fulham wilders far too gung ho, which is brilliant when it works but sometimes 1pt is better than 0pt as we couldve had 3 draws instead of 3 defeats in last 4 games. but by going the old pre war 2-3-5 tactics like last night its leaves is too vulnerable. stick with the 352 with like of like subs not fwd & cm for 2 cbs
Agree that the Twittersphere are over reacting to the tackle.

We had a similar game earlier in the season against Brum where we battered the living daylights out of them. Hit the post twice and really played well but lost.

These things happen.
i know you go through periods of bad luck & good through the season but you always get bad luck when you least need it, no win in 3 & you get a sucker punch just thankfully we are 4th from top not 4th from bottom as that happens. & I thought birmigham was a 1 off because they did exactly the same on our last game on tv. had 1 shot in 80 mins & it was top corner from 30yds, they get a point.
you are doing well cider_and_toast very much worthy of that 1st half lead, played well. embarrassing quite a few PL teams & putting them to shame who have been defeated before they kick off & park the bus waiting for defeat. althought still big mountain to climb 2nd half for noone has beaten man city in England this season, they only lost once this season & that was in a dead rubber CL game away to Shaktar Donetsk
how the end of the season cider_and_toast that final game could be quite important, as it standing with 3 pts between 5th - 9th. although I'm sure utd have got holiday booked for the 2nd week of may because they are determined to not make the play offs. every week they are their own worst enemy finding new ways to chuck away vital points, we should have beat Cardiff Barnsley & Millwall with being 1-0 2-1 & 1-0 up. only got 3pts
We're giving the play offs a miss this year F1Brits_90. After our cup run anything else would have been greedy.

That's why we signed a young lad from Everton and two utterly useless players on loan in January.

Villa are another club with a foreign owner who clearly believes if you pump enough cash into a club they'll succeed. John Terry's 100k a week wasn't really worth the gamble was it?

Villa are a great club with a huge fan base but they, much like Sunderland, have been so badly run. It was a case of an all out gamble to get back to the prem this season and now, they've got a lot of players on massive wages, no parachute payments and big problems.

They need to off load sensibly and start again. The trouble is, with the tax bill as well, it will be a fire sale of any player who can go.

I'd hate to be the Villa manager right now.
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