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Here we go then folks. Back by absolutely no demand whatsoever, it's time for another classic edition of everyone's favourite post race chat thread. So, let's review those good things and bad things from this weekends action:

Good things:

Podiums for Lando and Carlos, made even better by their bromance during the podium interviews. It's always good to see different faces on the podium.

Giovinazzi's weekend. There won't be much in the way of news or cheers about this but hats off to Giovinazzi for getting the Alfa into Q3 and keeping it in the top 10 during the race to bring home Alfa's first point of the season.

Bad things:

Tsunoda and Mazepin given black and white flags for exceeding track limits. Let that sink in for a second. Exceeding track limits at Monaco.....How?.... Where? How is that even possible? That truly is a new level of shit.

Daniel Riccardo. There is clearly a problem for Danny in the McLaren where he can't get the car to work for him. There's no way he's that far behind Lando.

The Monaco GP TV director. The one reasonably exciting moment of the race as Vettel and Gasly climb the hill and turn into Casino square and we cut to Lance Stroll. Congratulations on making a boring race even more boring

What can we add to the list?

Aston martin strategists deserves huge praise making up 3 & 5 places (ok 2 of them of were DNFs) but to get ahead of gasly & hamilton. very impressive. & what a move this was

Perez showed great patience & stuck the lap in when he needed to, that 1.14:5 was outstanding, did another great job for red bull espically from 9th on the grid

the scenery, what amazing location to race an F1 car in & loved the proper brass band doing the national anthem
well Hamilton very rarely has a bad weekend they around annually sometimes biannually. but when it does it goes really wrong. but for the DNFs he was a net 9th. i dont understand why they brought him in early everything id heard from pundits suggested go as long as you can & hope for VSC/SC

feel for bottas. 1 of weekends where he turned up, he was driving well, only stuffed by a stuck wheel & add to the list of Odd retirements, which
The bad Red Bull and Max getting smug about their win in the war of words I love to wipe the grin 😁 off them to🤕 regards to actions speak louder than words... they have not won anything yet.. Max when you are no longer Red Bull's poster boy your career will drop like a stone especially if you start feeling you need to ring Mercedes about a drive.
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