Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Malaysia Grand Prix Quiz


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Here we go then, get your head around these teasers:

1) A Renault, Mercedes or Ferrari engine has been in the back of every race winning car since 1999 except for one occasion. Which engine was that ??

The BMW in the back of the 2002 Williams

2) Simple enough: For half a point each, name the year and where did the two Ferrari's go on to finish?


Both Ferrari's span off at the same corner at the same time in 2001 and they recovered to finish 1-2

3) In the rain shortened 2009 GP, Jenson Button took the win for Brawn. Two Germans rounded out the top 3. For half a point each, name them.

Nick Heidfeld and Timo Glock

4) At the first Malaysian GP in 1999, two teams managed to qualify both their cars in the top six and finish with both their cars in the top six. Obviously one team was Ferrari but who were the other?

Stewart GP qualified 5th and 6th and finished 4th and 5th

5) Which current driver could join the Malaysia GP triple winners club should he win this year?

Kimi Raikkonen

6) Who took the final pole and the final win of his F1 career at the 2006 Malaysian GP

Giancarlo Fisichella

7) At 1.34.223 which former Williams driver holds the overall fastest F1 lap time for the track?

Juan Pablo Montoya set in 2004

8) Which team never finished better than 10th at any Malaysia GP they entered but managed to qualify in second place at the 2004 GP?

Jaguar Cosworth (with Mark Webber at the wheel)

9) In the spirit of this years Oz GP, which driver went down as a DNS due to gearbox failure in the 2014 race?

Sergio Perez in the Force India

10) Sebastian Vettel took his first Malaysian GP win in 2010. How many German drivers made it into Q3 at that race?

5 - Rosberg 2nd, Vettel 3rd, Sutil 4th, Hulkenberg 5th and Schumacher 8th

Hope you all enjoyed that and don't forget to post your scores below. Good luck.
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