Pre-Season 2015 Car Launches


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Yup me too. So many ways they could go with a Honda paint job.

Just please not another 'earth' livery. :no:
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Standard Honda basic colour for McLaren then. I'd expect a splash of red and black here and there.

They've done the pre-season orange thing before. I wouldn't mind if they stuck with that.

With the Williams being mainly white last year I hope they, and McLaren look suitably different.

Anyone know what colour scheme Ferrari are going with this year? ;)


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I was thinking the same thing GreenLantern.

I'd love McLaren to use papaya orange just for once as well. If they use Honda colours It'll just look like they've turned into the Honda team. On the plus side if they fail for a few years then at least they can try the 'relaunch as Brawn' strategy at some point. They've even got Jenson so it'll be just like old times.
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Maybe they will dress up as an f1 car in a pantomime horse type way to show of the new paint job.

Or I suppose they could use the 2014 car at a push.

I am rather wondering why they are bothering.....wait its money isn't it.


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There's been rumours that McLaren were going to use an orange livery for the last couple of years and it hasn't happened so I'm not convinced they will this year either.

Also, in some sense Marussia were the first to launch their car even though it won't race. The wind tunnel model of their 2015 design was revealed a while back as part of their assets:


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Ferrari will be launching theirs online on the 30th of January. Again not a physical car being produced yet. At this rate the formula one championship will be decided by codemasters.


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I what I have read is correct it will be a virtual launch so no big song and dance in the streets of Modena.
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